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  • Monday, March 23, 2015 12:10 PM | Anonymous
    You're invited to feature your home on
    the 2015 Holiday Tour of Homes on Dec. 12!
    Contact Tour Chair Tina Petersen at 517-303-5706 or via email at for details!
  • Monday, March 23, 2015 12:10 PM | Anonymous

    Road Closures to Impact Downtown on Saturday

    The inaugural Publix Savannah Women's Half Marathon will take place this Saturday, March 28 beginning at 7 a.m. The race will begin and end in the Forsyth Park area. Several squares and neighborhood streets will be impacted between 7 a.m. - Noon during the race.

    View the course map here to find out if you will be impacted on Saturday and plan accordingly. DNA will make every effort to pass along any additional information we receive concerning road closures via email, website and our Facebook page.
  • Sunday, March 22, 2015 10:29 AM | Anonymous

    Downtown Neighborhood Association Accepting Proposals

    for 2015 Community Grants

    SAVANNAH, Ga. – Community-based organizations are invited to submit proposals for community grants to be awarded by the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA).  The intent of these grants is to improve the quality of life in the downtown Savannah area.  For the purpose of the proposal, “downtown” is defined as the area north of Victory Drive.

    Grants are awarded to organizations in one of three categories that the applicant must select:  beautification and improvements; arts and cultural life or humanitarian causes.

    The deadline for Grant Proposal submission is March 31, 2015 at 5 p.m. Awards will be announced at the DNA’s Annual Spring Picnic in May 2015. Recipients will be contacted by the DNA Board of Directors prior to the event and notified of status.

    Grants are funded by monies raised through the organization’s annual Holiday Tour of Homes. DNA’s Interim President Melinda Allen says, “DNA continues to work hard to support our community. Grant proposals undergo a thorough review process by our Board of Directors. Each year, we look forward to enhancing our downtown community by providing funds to organizations supporting our mission.”

    Proposals are only accepted online. To apply, visit For questions, email


    About the DNA:

    DNA is a 501(c)3 organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors whose mission is to enhance the quality of residential life in the Historic Landmark District, protect Savannah’s unique downtown environment, and advocate public policies, which support these objectives.


  • Saturday, March 07, 2015 9:20 AM | Anonymous

    Tourism survey deadline extended
    The City recently mailed a tourism survey to 2,000 randomly selected Savannah households. To encourage participation, the deadline for mailing the survey back to the City has been extended to Tuesday, March 17. The data collected from the surveys will assist the City in developing a tourism management plan as well as update related ordinances.
    For more information, please call (912) 525-1500 or email

  • Thursday, February 26, 2015 1:37 PM | Anonymous

    Revisions made, input sought on draft alcohol ordinance
    For more than a year, the City has been working to draft comprehensive revisions to Savannah’s Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance.  The City has spent several months meetings with residents, students, business owners, and other groups that have an interest in alcohol regulation within the city. The feedback has been invaluable in helping to shape the proposed ordinance.
    Based on that feedback, City Manager Stephanie Cutter announces today that she will recommend to Council the addition of a new permit allowing patrons between the ages of 18 and 21 into venues that are offering live entertainment. Currently, those under the age of 21 are not allowed in bars. The definition of live entertainment is defined as a vocal or instrumental performance by a natural person(s) who is physically present in the establishment and specifically excludes disc jockeys and karaoke performances.  This option would be an add-on permit, and could be revoked or suspended separately from the primary alcohol license.
    At this time, the City is seeking additional input on the boundaries of the go-cup zone, which currently extends from Hutchinson Island to Jones Street. The proposed ordinance includes an extension of the zone south to Park Avenue, between Whitaker and Drayton streets.
    The expansion of the go-cup boundary to include Forsyth Park was proposed to help clear up confusion about the zone’s southern boundary, and to make legal a practice that is common today in Forsyth Park with frequent special events. Some residents, however, have expressed concern that broadening the zone will encourage increased outdoor consumption of alcohol in residential areas.
    Additional feedback on the go-cup zone is being sought, and can be offered at
    Other recent proposed revisions made to the draft ordinance since its release in September include:
    ·        The removal of the provision that would require anyone under 21 to leave an alcohol-serving restaurant at 10 pm. Those under 21 may now stay in these establishments until closing.
    ·        The removal of mandated security staffing requirements for alcohol-serving establishments.
    ·        The allowance of minors within a business that serves complimentary alcohol, such as nail salons and spas.
    ·        The expansion of residency for managers to within 50 miles of the establishment.
    ·        Because of continuing discussion/feedback with bar restaurant owners, bar cards will be required for all bar/restaurant personnel that serve alcohol.  The City is actively looking to contract out the service of processing and providing bar cards in an effort to streamline the process
    ·        The inclusion of required alcohol liability insurance for all businesses with a permit
    The public can view the entire revised draft ordinance at
    The tentative schedule is for proposed revisions to come before City Council during a workshop in April, which would be followed by two readings of the draft during subsequent Council Meetings.

  • Tuesday, February 24, 2015 8:39 PM | Anonymous

    Public invited to apply for boards, commissions and authorities

    The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah will be accepting applications beginning Wednesday, February 25, 2015 for appointment(s) and reappointment(s) to the Boards, Commissions and Authorities listed below. Applications can be found on the City’s website: Applications must be received by noon, Friday, March 20. Upon completion of the appointment process by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, all applicants and appointees will be notified.
    For further information, contact the Office of the Clerk of Council.  Telephone 651-6441, Fax 651-4260 or Email –


    AGING SERVICES ADVISORY COUNCIL.  Twenty-nine (29) members appointed to three (3) year terms with two (2) members appointed by City Council to represent the City of Savannah on the Coastal Georgia Regional Redevelopment Center Aging Services Advisory Council. The membership of the Aging Services Advisory Council consists of persons over 60 years of age or consumers, aging advocates, other interested individuals, and local elected officials, one whom should be a minority.  This Council meets quarterly in Richmond Hill, Georgia and from time to time meets with staff to review budgets; get updates on new programs; and provides input on how current and new programs are developed. Two (2) terms available for appointment.
    CHATHAM-SAVANNAH AUTHORITY FOR THE HOMELESS: Nineteen (19) members appointed to overlapping four-year (4) terms.  Four (4) appointed by City Council to develop and oversee implementation of comprehensive plan for public and private agencies to deal effectively with problems of the homeless in our community. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    COASTAL WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD:  The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 created Workforce Investment Boards, charter is to improve workforce quality development, enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the workforce and to reduce welfare dependency.  The composition of the WIB is made up of individuals serving in both private and public sectors, which have a genuine interest in improving the quality of the region’s workforce.  Appointments to the WIB are made by the Consortium of Chief Local Elected Officials within Region 20 which includes Bryan, Glynn, Chatham, Long, Bulloch, Camden, Effingham, Liberty and McIntosh counties.  Fifteen (15) members appointed to three (3) year terms. Appointed can live in the City/County.  Three (3) terms available for appointment.

    CODE ENFORCEMENT APPEALS BOARD: Nine (9) members appointed to fill overlapping three-year terms by City Council.  Three appointees must be qualified in the fields of architecture and/or structural engineering.  Hear appeals when errors are alleged and other matters affecting property subject to procedures set forth in the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance.  Five (5) terms available for appointment.

    DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH AUTHORITY.  Five (5) members, including Mayor or member of City Council serving his/her term of office and four (4) City residents appointed to 4- year terms by City Council, as well as a member of Chatham County Delegation to the GA Legislature. Encourages construction of new parking facilities and provides financial incentives for private projects which have economic benefits to the downtown area. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    ELECTRICAL APPEALS AND ADVISORY BOARD: On recommendation from the Mayor, seven (7) members are appointed to four-year (4) terms by City Council: four licensed electrical contractors; two registered consulting electrical engineers (one from power company, one from private firm), and one administrative person from the power company.  All members shall have no less than 6 years’ experience in professional field.  No term limits.  Determines appeals to decisions of electrical inspectors of the City.  Three (3) terms available for appointment for (2 Electrical Contractors and 1 Private Consulting Firm).

    ETHICS BOARD.  The board will hear and conduct review of complaints filed against elected officials of the City; if such complaints involve impropriety of elected officials and violation of the provisions of the Ethics Ordinance, and if such violations affected the elected official’s ability to carry out his/her official duties.  Members shall be known for their personal integrity. The Mayor shall appoint one (1) member; the Aldermen shall appoint one (1) member; together the Mayor and Aldermen shall appoint one (1) member who shall be an attorney in good standing with the State bar.  Members must reside in the City and not be an elected official or City employee.  Board members shall be prohibited from engaging in City election, political activities, and from making campaign contributions to candidates in City elections during their terms as board members. Members shall serve a four (4) year term. One (1) unexpired term available for appointment.

    HISTORIC PRESERVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL.  One (1) member appointed to a three (3) year term by Savannah City Council.  The appointee can be reappointed for consecutive terms.  The appointee should be a well-acquainted member of the community and have knowledge in some of the following areas:  national register nomination, historic tax incentives, streetscapes and urban design, historical research and surveys or presentation. One (1) term available for appointment.

    HOUSING AUTHORITY OF SAVANNAH. Established pursuant to general law O.C.G.A. 8-3-1 et seq. which creates a Housing Authority for each City and County. The general law provides for a governing body of five (5) Commissioners serving a five (5) year term with one (1) appointment each year. Vacancies are filled for the unexpired terms. Commissioners serve until a successor is named. The terms begin, on January 5th of each year. Any appointment after January 5th would be for the reminder of the term expiring on January 5th.   The General Assembly of 1994 repealed all special legislation providing for additional Commissioners and Residents, thus the only Commissions are the five (5) Regular Commissioners appointed pursuant to general law. Two (2) terms available for appointment. 1 Full term and 1 unexpired term.

    KEEP SAVANNAH BEAUTIFUL: Twenty-five (25) members appointed to three (3) year terms by City Council.  Shall include representatives from the news media, businesses, City government, civic associations, and neighborhood groups.  No term limits.  An advisory board that works with the City in developing a program to control litter and assist beautification efforts on streets, sidewalks, parks, and private property.  Fifteen (15) terms available for appointment.

    PENSION BOARD.   Eight (8) members, including one member of City Council and two residents appointed to ­overlapping four-year (4) terms by City Council; also serving are the City Manager, the City’s Chief Financial Officer and three employee-elected representatives.  Administers the City of Savannah Employee Retirements Plan. One (1) term available for appointment.

    PILOTAGE COMMISSION.Seven (7) members appointed for overlapping seven (7) year term by City Council. No term limits. Appointees must include shipping agents, exports, or merchants, or others engaged on or familiar with marine shipping and the requirements of the Port of Savannah. Licenses pilots, prescribes rules and regulations, sets fees and imposes penalties, sets and collects penalties for vessels refusing to take pilots or mistreating pilots. Appointees cannot be pilots. One (1) term available for appointment.

    PROPERTY MAINTENANCE ENFORCEMENT BOARD OF APPEALS: The board of appeals shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members, serving four (4) year terms, which are qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to property maintenance and who are not employees of the jurisdiction.  The code official shall be an ex-officio member, but shall have no vote on any matter before the board.  One (1) term & two (2) alternates are available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH AIRPORT COMMISSION.  Five (5)  members appointed to overlapping five-year (5) terms by City Council.  Members are eligible for reappointment.  Chatham County resident.  Responsible for the operation, development and maintenance of municipal airport; and independent authority with its own staff and revenue sources. One (1) term available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH/CHATHAM COUNCIL OF DISABILITY ISSUES: The Savannah/Chatham Council on Disability Issues shall facilitate and coordinate community efforts to improve the quality of life for citizens with disabilities of the City of Savannah and Chatham County through advising and advocating local leaders. The Council shall be composed of ten (10) members with representation balanced among the business community, human service providers and consumers (i.e., citizens with disabilities). At least one-half of members shall be persons with physical or mental disabilities. Members shall serve a two (2) year term, with eligibility for reappointment to a second consecutive two (2) year term.   Seven (7) terms available for appointment.
    SAVANNAH DEVELOPMENT AND RENEWAL AUTHORITY (SDRA).  Twenty –five (25) members appointed to four-year (4) terms. City residents; no term limits. Develops recommendations to City Council for revitalization of Savannah’s downtown including comprehensive planning, beautification, marketing, etc. One (1) unexpired term available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH FILM COMMISSION.  Nineteen (19) member board for a four (4) year term.   City Council appoints nine citizens from the community, four representatives from the motion picture and television industry and one representative from small business.  One ex-officio is appointed by the Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, one ex-officio by the President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association and one member of the State Film Commission, ex-officio.  The term of office for ex-officio members shall be for the term of office in the organization they represent.  Advises and assists the film director in developing a program for responding to inquiries from production companies about filming in the community.  Term Limits: Not more than two consecutive four-year terms. Four (4) terms available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH HOSPITAL AUTHORITY.  Seven (7)  members appointed to overlapping four-year (4) terms by City Council.  Arranges the contractual agreements between Candler General Hospital and purchases of hospital authority bonds used to finance the building of their complex off DeRenne. One (1) term available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH RECREATION COMMISSION:Twelve (12) members are appointed to three (3) year terms by City Council and are eligible for reappointment. Serves as an advisory body on recreational programs and facilities. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  Five (5) members appointed to staggered three-year (3) terms by City Council.  No term limits. Must be a resident of the City of Savannah. Members cannot hold public office, except for one appointee who must be a current member of the Metropolitan Planning Commission.  Board hears and rules on appeals from decisions of the zoning administrator and hears and rules on requests for permits which require the board’s approval.  Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    TOURISM ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Creation and composition.  There is hereby created a tourism advisory committee, which shall consist of 13 members appointed by the mayor and aldermen. One shall be a representative of the lodging industry; one shall be a representative of a tour company; one shall be a member of the Savannah Visitors Bureau; one shall be a representative from a Historic District museum or attraction; two shall be members of the Downtown Neighborhood Association; two shall be members of Historic Savannah Foundation; one shall be a representative of the food, beverage and/or retail industries;  one  shall be at‑large with demonstrated knowledge of the history and/or architecture of the Historic District; two shall be residents at-large and one shall be a member at-large.  The following Three (3) terms are available for appointment – Historic Savannah Foundation (1) unexpired term; (1) At-Large Representative; (1) Food, Beverage, and/or Retail Industries.

    TRAFFIC CALMING COMMITTEE: The Traffic Calming Committee shall consist of nine (9) members all of whom shall be approved by vote of the Mayor and Aldermen.  The term of office for each member of the Traffic Calming Committee shall be three (3) years.  A member of the Traffic Calming Committee shall not serve for more than two consecutive, three year terms. The members of the Traffic Calming Committee shall be a demographically broad representation of the community in the Savannah Metropolitan Area with an interest in Traffic Calming. Committee members must live in the City limits of Savannah.  Appointments can come from any district.  Five (5) terms are available for appointment.

    If any DNA member is seeking an appointment to one of the above Boards or Commissions, please advise the DNA Board of Directors so a letter of recommendation can be prepared if appropriate.

  • Sunday, February 22, 2015 10:25 AM | Anonymous

    SDRA Accepting Nominations for
    First Quarter Golden Broom Award

    Is there a downtown Savannah business you think has done an exceptional job going the extra mile to improve the look of their property and the public space in front of their property? Nominate them for the First Quarter Golden Broom Award from the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority! Eligible businesses include the greater downtown area and the Montgomery/Martin Luther King, Jr. corridor.

    2014 Golden Broom Award winners included The Collins Quarter, Satchel, SCAD and Circa 1875 Gastropub.
    Click here to submit your nomination. (Include business name and location). The SDRA Board will vote on the winner at their March Board meeting.
  • Sunday, February 22, 2015 10:25 AM | Anonymous

    Free Lecture in Celebration of City of Savannah's 225th Anniversary

    The public is invited to attend “Charting a Course in Early Savannah”, a free lecture in celebration of the City of Savannah’s 225th anniversary on Monday, March 2 at 3:30 p.m. in City Hall. The lecture will cover Savannah’s first elected administration, led by former Governor John Houstoun, the challenges faced in the late eighteenth century, and the successes of the young government, including the very earliest ordinances passed by the City’s elected representatives. The lecture will be given by Luciana Spracher, director of the City’s Research Library and Municipal Archives.

    For more information, contact Luciana Spracher at 912.651.6411 or

  • Sunday, February 22, 2015 10:24 AM | Anonymous

    Public input needed on tree ordinance

    The City of Savannah is currently in the process of revising its Tree Ordinance. Public comment on the proposed ordinance is now being accepted. To view the proposed ordinance and comment, visit

    The proposed revisions to the Landscape and Tree Protection Ordinance put a greater emphasis on the protection and preservation of trees in Savannah. The new ordinance includes the created of a specimen tree designation, designed to preserve large trees on construction sites when possible. Fines for violating the ordinance will increase, from $200 to $2500 plus all incurred fees for remediation and loss of value. The incentives for property developers to preserve large, healthy trees will also increase.

  • Sunday, February 22, 2015 10:24 AM | Anonymous

    General McIntosh Blvd. to close this week

    With road work on East Broad Street set to wrap up Tuesday, the project’s focus will shift to President Street and General McIntosh Boulevard. General McIntosh is tentatively scheduled to be closed to traffic beginning Wednesday, and continuing for most of the remainder of the project.  
    During this closure, traffic will continue on President Street to East Broad Street. Four lanes of traffic (two lanes in each direction) on President Street will remain open at all times. Access to the Savannah Riverfront Marriott will remain open from Bay Street throughout the project.
    Work on President Street/General McIntosh includes raising the elevation of the roadway between 5 and 8 feet to alleviate street flooding. The project will also replace aging utility lines, improve the streetscape, and add new and reconfigured intersections. Major improvements to the Bilbo Canal, which passes beneath President Street, will improve drainage throughout downtown.
    For information and updates, go to

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