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  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:47 PM | Anonymous

    September 27, 2016

    Mayor Eddie DeLoach
    City Manager Stephanie Cutter 
    Aldermen of the City of Savannah

    Re: Item 6 Zoning Hearing: Mehul Patel, Petitioner; Andrew S. Lynch, Agent Liberty Tattnall Partners,

    Owner (MPC File No. 16-003734-ZA)

    The Honorable Mayor DeLoach, City Manager Cutter, and Aldermen:

    On behalf of the Board of Directors and Advisors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Savannah, GA Inc., we oppose petitioner’s request to rezone the properties at 301, 303, 307, and 309 from the current RIP-B classification to BC-1.  We also no longer support staff’s compromise proposal to rezone subject parcels to RIP-B-1 because it does not address the reported primary reason for petitioner’s request – which is to “eliminate the parking requirement....”.  RIP-B and RIP-B-1 parking requirements are identical.

    Rezoning these parcels to the requested BC-1 is inappropriate for several reasons:

    • Eliminating the parking requirement does not eliminate the cars that will be associated with the proposed hotel to be built on the lots; it just kicks the can to the city and surrounding residents.  If petitioner wishes to construct a hotel on these parcels, they should do so in line with RIP-B zoning requirements as per Sections 8-3089 and 8-3094.
    • Zoning District BC-1 is a Central Business Zoning District.  While subject properties are indeed considered to be “downtown”, they are in no way in the Central Business District, north of Liberty such as Broughton, Bay and River Streets.  Indeed the RIP zoning districts are specifically designed for areas similar to the location of subject properties – with “Residential” being the key word.
    • Given that servicing the many needs of a hotel involves delivery vehicles of many types (frozen good, fresh food, beer, spirits, linens, to name a few), plus the large amount of trash that will be generated, the proposed location is not conducive to the quality of life to the surrounding residents.  To make some small dent in this volume and to maintain at least some neighborhood tranquility at night, we believe zoning should not be relaxed even to the RIP-B-1 level, which allows a lounge area use, something that is prohibited under RIP-B.  BC-1 zoning allows unrestricted cocktail lounges/taverns, uses that would be inappropriate for this area.

    Thank you,

     Melinda D. Allen

    President, Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association


  • Thursday, September 22, 2016 8:43 AM | Anonymous

    Public invited to apply for boards, commissions and authorities

    The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah will be accepting applications beginning Friday, September 23, 2016 through Monday, October 24, 2016 at 12 noon for appointment(s) and reappointment(s) to the following Boards, Commissions and Authorities:

    CIVIL SERVICE BOARD. Three (3) members appointed to overlapping six-year (6) terms by City Council. Basic function is to hear appeals from disciplinary action against an employee when it is alleged the action is taken for political or religious reasons. The labor Seat should be filled by someone who is not a management-level employee: this person does not have to be member of a labor union. Chatham County resident for at least five (5) years. No term limits. One (1) term available for appointment

    CORE MPO CITIZENS ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Thirty (30) members, with three (3) appointed by City Council to two-year (2) terms. The role of the CAC is “to advise the CORE MPO Board (decision-making body of the CORE MPO) of citizens’ viewpoints on transportation policy, plans, and programs relating to the allocation of federal transportation funds in the CORE MPO planning area. One (1) term available for appointment.

    COASTAL WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD. The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 created Workforce Investment Boards, charter is to improve workforce quality development, enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the workforce and to reduce welfare dependency. The composition of the WIB is made up of individuals serving in both private and public sectors, who have a genuine interest in improving the quality of the region’s workforce. Appointments to the WIB are made by the Consortium of Chief Local Elected Officials within Region 20 which includes Bryan, Glynn, Chatham, Long, Bulloch, Camden, Effingham, Liberty and McIntosh counties. The term of membership is three (3) years. Appointed can live in the City/County. Three (3) terms available for appointment – Two (2) Full terms and 1 Mandated Private/Labor Seat.

    CODE ENFORCEMENT APPEALS BOARD: Nine (9) members appointed to fill overlapping three-year terms by City Council. Three appointees must be qualified in the fields of architecture and/or structural engineering. Hear appeals when errors are alleged and other matters affecting property subject to procedures set forth in the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance. 4 (Four) terms available – 2 (Two) appointees must be qualified in the fields of architecture and/or structural engineering.

    CULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION. Eighteen (18) members appointed to three (3) year terms by City Council. Advisory body charged with the responsibility of recommending a comprehensive plan and program for a community cultural arts services program. No more than 2 consecutive, three-year terms. Six (6) terms available for appointment.

    DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH AUTHORITY. Five (5) members, including Mayor or member of City Council serving his/her term of office and four (4) City residents appointed to 4- year terms by City Council, as well as a member of Chatham County Delegation to the GA Legislature. Encourages construction of new parking facilities and provides financial incentives for private projects which have economic benefits to the downtown area. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AUTHORITY. Twenty-five (25) members, with eight (8) seat public sector participation, four (4) appointed by City Council for five (5) year terms and four appointed by the County. Seeks to reduce conditions that cause poverty by working directly with poverty-level individuals throughout Chatham County. One (1) term available for appointment

    ELECTRICAL APPEALS AND ADVISORY BOARD: On recommendation from the Mayor, seven (7) members are appointed to four-year (4) terms by City Council: four licensed electrical contractors; two registered consulting electrical engineers (one from power company, one from private firm), and one administrative person from the power company. All members shall have no less than 6 years’ experience in professional field. No term limits. Determines appeals to decisions of electrical inspectors of the City. Six (6) terms available for appointment for: 4 - Licensed Electrical Contractors; 1 - Registered Consulting Electrical Engineer from a Private Consulting Firm and 1 - Administrative person for Power Company.

    GREATER SAVANNAH INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE. The Greater Savannah International Alliance shall consist of 19 members all of whom shall be approved by vote of the Mayor and Aldermen. The term of office for each member of the Greater Savannah International Alliance shall be three (3) years, and no member shall serve for more than two consecutive, three (3) year terms. The members of the Greater Savannah International Alliance shall be a demographically broad representation of the community and economy in the Savannah Metropolitan Area with an interest in international issues. Seven (7) terms available: Six (6) Full terms and One (1) Unexpired term for appointment.

    HISTORIC DISTRICT BOARD OF REVIEW. Eleven (11) members appointed to three (3) year terms by Savannah City Council including one small business owner with an architectural background. Makes decisions on new construction and any changes to historic structures in the City’s Historic District. Four (4) terms available for appointment.

    HOUSING AUTHORITY OF SAVANNAH. Established pursuant to general law O.C.G.A. 8-3-1 et seq. which creates a Housing Authority for each City and County. The general law provides for a governing body of five (5) Commissioners serving a five (5) year term with one (1) appointment each year. Vacancies are filled for the unexpired terms. Commissioners serve until a successor is named. The terms begin, on January 5th of each year. Any appointment after January 5th would be for the reminder of the term expiring on January 5th. The General Assembly of 1994 repealed all special legislation providing for additional Commissioners and Residents, thus the only Commissions are the five (5) Regular Commissioners appointed pursuant to general law. Two (2) terms available for appointment: 1 (One) Full term and 1 (One) unexpired term.

    METROPOLITAN PLANNING COMMISSION (MPC). Twelve (12) members appointed to overlapping three (3) year terms with six (6) appointments made by City Council and the City Manager serving. No term limits. Aided by professional staff, this commission makes studies of present and future development; assists local government in translating study results into plans, policies and programs; recommends zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    PARK AND TREE COMMISSION. Nine (9) members appointed to overlapping three (3) year terms by City Council. Must be a City resident. Term Limit: No member may serve more than three, consecutive three year terms. Charged with directing the activities related to the planting and caring for parks, squares, grass plats, trees, and flowers of the city. Eight (8) terms available for appointment.

    PILOTAGE COMMISSION. Seven (7) members appointed for overlapping seven (7) year term by City Council. No term limits. Appointees must include shipping agents, exports, or merchants, or others engaged on or familiar with marine shipping and the requirements of the Port of Savannah. Licenses pilots, prescribes rules and regulations, sets fees and imposes penalties, sets and collects penalties for vessels refusing to take pilots or mistreating pilots. Appointees cannot be pilots. One (1) term available for appointment.

    PROPERTY MAINTENANCE ENFORCEMENT BOARD OF APPEALS. The board of appeals shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members, serving 4-year terms, who are qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to property maintenance and who are not employees of the jurisdiction. The code official shall be an ex-officio member but shall have no vote on any matter before the board. The board shall be appointed by the chief appointing authority and shall serve staggered four (4) year terms. One (1) term & Two (2) alternate positions.

    SAVANNAH AIRPORT COMMISSION. Five (5) members appointed to overlapping five-year (5) terms by City Council. Members are eligible for reappointment. Chatham County resident. Responsible for the operation, development and maintenance of municipal airport; and independent authority with its own staff and revenue sources. One (1) term available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH/CHATHAM COUNTY HISTORIC SITES AND MONUMENTS COMMISSIONS (HS&M): Five (5) members appointed to overlapping five (5) year terms by City Council. No term limits. Citizen of Chatham County. Recommends plan and cost estimates for the erection of any monuments or substantial restoration of same in the City or County and may hold title and pay for same. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH DEVELOPMENT AND RENEWAL AUTHORITY (SDRA): Twenty –five (25) members appointed to four-year (4) terms. City residents; no term limits. Develops recommendations to City Council for revitalization of Savannah’s downtown including comprehensive planning, beautification, marketing, etc. Six (6) terms available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (SEDA). Eighteen (18) members, six (6) appointed by City Council, serving overlapping five-year (5) terms. No term limits; eligible for re-appointment. Conducts a program of industrial and port development for the City of Savannah and Chatham County and is self-funded. No one holding public office or receiving compensation from either public entity can serve. One (1) term available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH RECREATION COMMISSION. Twelve (12) members are appointed to three (3) year terms by City Council. Eligible for reappointment. Serves as an advisory body on recreational programs and facilities. Seven (7) terms available for appointment – Six (6) Full terms and 1 (One) Unexpired term.

    SAVANNAH RESOURCE RECOVERY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. Consisting of five (5) members appointed for four (4) year terms. No term limits: resident of Chatham County. Membership includes: An Alderman, City Manager, City Finance Director, City Sanitation Director, and a citizen. One (1) term available for appointment.

    SAVANNAH ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS. Five (5) members appointed to overlapping three-year (3) terms by City Council. No term limits; City resident. Members cannot hold public office, except for one appointee who must be a current member of the Metropolitan Planning Commission. Board hears and rules on appeals from decisions of the zoning administrator and hears and rules on requests for permits which require the board’s approval. Two (2) terms available for appointment.

    TOURISM ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Creation and composition. There is hereby created a tourism advisory committee, which shall consist of 13 members appointed by the mayor and aldermen. One shall be a representative of the lodging industry; one shall be a representative of a tour company; one shall be a member of the Savannah Visitors Bureau; one shall be a representative from a Historic District museum or attraction; two shall be members of the Downtown Neighborhood Association; two shall be members of Historic Savannah Foundation; one shall be a representative of the food, beverage and/or retail industries; one shall be at large with demonstrated knowledge of the history and/or architecture of the Historic District; two shall be residents at-large and one shall be a member at-large. Six (6) terms available for appointment for the following: One (1) Savannah Visitors Bureau representative; One (1) Historic Savannah Foundation representative; One (1) Downtown Neighborhood Association representative; One (1) Historic District Museum/Attraction representative; One (1) History and/or Architecture of the Historic District representative; and One (1) At-Large.

    TRAFFIC CALMING COMMITTEE: The Traffic Calming Committee shall consist of nine (9) members all of whom shall be approved by vote of the Mayor and Aldermen. The term of office for each member of the Traffic Calming Committee shall be three (3) years. A member of the Traffic Calming Committee shall not serve for more than two consecutive, three year terms. The members of the Traffic Calming Committee shall be a demographically broad representation of the community in the Savannah Metropolitan Area with an interest in Traffic Calming. Committee members must live in the City limits of Savannah. Appointments can come from any district. 2 (Two) terms available for appointment for: 1 (One) DISTRICT 3 representative and 1 (One) DISTRICT 6 representative.

    Applications can be found on the City’s website: Applications will be accepted beginning Friday, September 23, 2016.

    NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 12:00 noon, Monday, October 24, 2016. (CLOSING DATE)

    Upon completion of the appointment process by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, all applicants and appointees will be notified.

    For further information, contact the Office of the Clerk of Council. Telephone 651-6442, Fax 651-4260 or Email –

  • Wednesday, September 14, 2016 12:49 PM | Anonymous

    Downtown Neighborhood Association Announces

    Speaker Lineup for September 21 Membership Meeting

    On Wednesday, September 21, the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Savannah (DNA) will welcome Joseph Lumpkin, Chief of Police, Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department; Julie Tolbert, Deputy Chief of Police, Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department; Captain Joy Gellatly, Downtown Precinct Commander, Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department; Marvin Williams, Community Police Officer; Corporal G. Murphy, Chatham County Sheriff’s office Weapons Instructor and Richard Berman, Thunderbolt Guns to their monthly membership meeting where the topic is Public Safety, Self Defense and Situational Awareness.

    The meeting will take place at the Coastal Georgia Center (305 Fahm Street) with hospitality and networking for members beginning at 5:30 p.m. and the program starting at 6:15 p.m.

    Members are invited to submit questions to the DNA in advance as the question and answer session at the end of the program will be brief. To submit a question, email Meetings are open to members of the DNA. Non-members may join at the door or in advance online at

    The Downtown Neighborhood Association is a membership organization guided by an elected Board of volunteer leaders with a goal to enhance the quality of residential life in the Historic Landmark District, protect Savannah’s unique downtown environment, and advocate public policies which support these objectives.  



  • Wednesday, August 31, 2016 8:22 AM | Anonymous

    By Bud Rosser | DNA Neighborhood and Community Outreach Chair

    The most popular topics in general discussion with our DNA members are tourism, development, and public safety.  All significantly impact our quality of life as downtown residents.  The focus on public safety usually targets successes and failures of the SCMPD and the courts.  Rarely do we consider the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department and its major responsibilities and contributions to public safety.   As a member of the newly-created CCSO Citizens Advisory Committee, one of my tasks is to “…provide the Sheriff’s Office a forum for law enforcement community interaction and to address public safety matters and issues as they relate to operations of the Sheriff’s Office.”

    As a beginning effort, I encourage you to visit the website and click on each tab at the top.  You will be surprised, I assure you.  Of course they run the jail (remember, the City has no jail) and they are the “paper hangers” that serve warrants.  You do realize that all those warrants are not just civil?  All criminal warrants are also served by the CCSO, to include arrest warrants, drug warrants and such, placing these officers directly in harm’s way and getting potential criminals literally off the streets.

    Did you know that under the Georgia Constitution, the Sheriff is the senior law enforcement officer for the County?  He is in charge when disasters happen.  All other law enforcement personnel report to him. 

    As you visit the above-referenced website you will also note that the sheriff has a major K-9 unit and trains other departments’ K-9 units.  The CCSO establishes and maintains the Sex Offender Registry (SORT).  The CCSO is responsible for the safety of judges and all personnel in the Chatham County courthouses. 

    As one member of the ten-member committee I am charged with getting input from citizens about all phases of the CCSO’s operations, so please feel free to contact me in that regard.  I will provide regular feedback to DNA members as well. 

  • Friday, August 26, 2016 3:18 PM | Anonymous

    Public invited to meet City Manager finalist

    City of Savannah has just announced the opportunities for the public to meet the finalist for Savannah's City Manager position. The Downtown Neighborhood Association looks forward to this opportunity! Hope to see you there!

    The public is invited to meet and greet Roberto “Rob” Hernandez, the finalist for the position of Savannah City Manager, at two receptions next week.

    Savannah Civic Center Ballroom

    Two opportunities: 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    Mr. Hernandez will give an introductory presentation, followed by a meet and greet reception hosted by Savannah City Council, at both events. The public is invited.

    On August 11, 2016, the Savannah City Council announced that Mr. Hernandez was the lone finalist for the position of City Manager. Mr. Hernandez currently serves as Deputy County Administrator of Broward County, Fla. He is an ICMA-credentialed manager with more than 20 years of progressive and responsible local government management experience in Broward County, Coral Springs and Fulton County, Ga.

    The Savannah City Council is expected to take a formal vote on the appointment of Mr. Hernandez during their regularly scheduled Council meeting of September 1, 2016.

  • Wednesday, August 24, 2016 7:40 AM | Anonymous

    Chippewa Square Filming

    Late last week, residents and businesses around Chippewa Square received a notification from the Location Manager for a TV series filming its second season in Savannah that raised concerns. Many neighbors have reached out to DNA in regards to the potential removal of moss from the trees in Chippewa Square. DNA contacted Beth Nelson, Executive Director of the Savannah Area Film Office as well as our liaison with Savannah Park and Tree Services for clarification.

    The following response was received:

    On August 23, 2016 at 6:50:04 PM, Beth Nelson ( wrote:


    The location manager from the production met with staff from Leisure Services and Park and Tree and discussed the removal of low-hanging moss from a few of the trees on the north side of the square.  My understanding is that the removal was approved by the City staff as long as instructions were followed:

    Only the large, low hanging moss should be removed; the smaller, low-hanging moss will not be removed; the film arborist must use an instrument approved by Park and Tree to remove the moss; no tree limbs may be damaged in any way while removing the moss; the location manager and a Park & Tree arborist must be onsite during any removal of moss.

    I am confident that with these professionals on site, and the procedures followed, the park will not be damaged.  We are all proud of our parks and our moss covered trees, and would not allow a production to harm them in any way.  This will affect only a few trees in the park, and much of the moss will remain on those trees in the upper branches.  From Park and Tree research and historical knowledge the moss should return.

    Please let me know if I can answer any further questions.  My goal is to have clear communication between productions and the residents and businesses in the Savannah area. 



    Beth Nelson
    Executive Director
    Savannah Area Film Office

    For more information about Film Savannah, visit


  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016 12:58 PM | Anonymous

    DNA Members,

    Please be advised that there will be filming around the Chippewa Square area on Tuesday, Aug. 30 and Tuesday, Sept. 6. For more information, contact the Location Manager, Laura Bryant at or Beth Nelson, Executive Director of the Savannah Area Film Office at 912.447.4159.

    Click here to download the notice.

  • Monday, August 22, 2016 4:49 PM | Anonymous

    SCMPD Releases Discussion Points from Press Conference on Weekend Violence

    SAVANNAH, GA (August 22, 2016): The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department has experienced a violent weekend to include three shootings and three robberies. Of these incidents, 2 people are deceased and one is in extreme critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

    We at Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department want to be as transparent as possible as we investigate these crimes. In doing so, we do not want to compromise any investigations or hinder the hard work investigators are doing to put these perpetrators behind bars.

    We want to make sure that in public has the information they need to remain safe and to also dispel any rumors that may increase the public’s fear of crime.

    Shootings from the Weekend

    • All three shootings took place in a historically violent corridor in the Central Precinct.
    • This corridor is the Metropolitan Neighborhood which includes Anderson to Victory Dr and Bull to MLK.
    • 1 arrest has been made in the Friday night homicide where the victim and suspect were known to each other (new boyfriend/ex-boyfriend)
    • The two females that were shot on Saturday night APPEARS TO BE A NON-RANDOM SHOOTING. One of the victims is in extreme critical condition with life-threatening injuries. The reason we have not released any names is because investigators are currently working active leads in the investigation and would like to keep the names out of the media as to not compromise the investigation.
    • Investigators are working active leads in the homicide from last night (Sunday) and the victim has been identified as Reginald Washington, 43.
    • We are shifting resources to adjust to crimes in those areas.
    • We cannot go into specific details about where and when resources will be available because by letting you (the media) know we are also letting the bad guys who commit these crimes know.
    • In a majority of our homicides and other violent crimes, we have noticed a correlation with risky behaviors. Risky behaviors and being involved with people who exhibit risky behaviors can increase threats to the entire community.
    • We are offering a $10,000 award for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of any individuals involved in these homicides or any prior open homicides that remain unsolved at this time.
    • SCMPD is also in the process of launching its Cold Case Unit. Several investigators are beginning training this week.
      Weekend Violence Presser

     Three Robberies from Sunday/Monday

    • As it relates to group violence, we do believe the three robberies from this weekend are being committed by a single group of individuals.
    • 1st robbery-Whitefield Square at 11:11p.m.
    • 2nd robbery/carjacking- E. Charlton and Drayton at 11:28 p.m.
    • 3rd robbery/home invasion- East Park and East Broad at 3:15 am Monday
    • SCMPD is also offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of any individuals who have committed robberies in the past three months between Anderson and Bay and MLK to East Broad and are linked to the serial robbery group.
    • As you know, this is an area where we have seen an increase in armed robberies potentially in the late evening and early morning hours.

    Weekend Violence Presser 2

    Overall Message

    • We believe that several of these recent violent crimes are linked to groups. According to the National Network for Safe Communities, all gangs are groups, but not all groups are gangs. If we solely focus on gangs, which is commonly characterized by organization and leadership, we exclude a significant number of individuals involved in serious violent crimes, such as loose neighborhood drug crews.
    • End Gun Violence is being used in our everyday crime fight. Solving crimes, identifying links and offering resources to those identified in these groups to choose another path is something that we have made a culture.
    • End Gun Violence is not just a program but a culture that brings every resource together to fight group and gang violence.
    • Lastly, we must as a community break away from the philosophy that if you see something and say something, that it should be known as snitching.
    • It is imperative that the community stands together with us in the fight against crime.
    • We have approximately 240,000 plus citizens in this community. We are asking that the community assists us in our fight against crime by calling us with any tips, any descriptions and any information that may assist us in solving crimes.
    • We have safeguards in place that will protect any citizen providing any information to us. Also, CrimeStoppers is an anonymous option that allows citizens to provide information without even providing their identity.

    SOURCE: Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department

  • Wednesday, August 17, 2016 11:35 AM | Anonymous

    Downtown Neighborhood Association and Arts Resource Collective Announce Third Annual Artists and Artisans Tour

    [SAVANNAH, Ga] The Third Annual Artists and Artisans Tour, hosted by the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Savannah (DNA) and Arts Resource Collective Savannah (ARC) will be held on Thursday, September 29 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. in Savannah’s Landmark Historic District. The popular event raises funds for downtown public safety initiatives and has consistently sold out for the past two years.

    The Artists and Artisans Tour is anchored by a juried art show featuring Savannah area artists and is curated by ARC. The art show is presented in multiple downtown homes providing a unique, social environment. Patrons enjoy strolling down Savannah's oak-lined streets visiting the various homes while enjoying glasses of wine, cold beer and hors d'oeuvres provided by some of downtown's most popular restaurants.

    More than 25 artists will have their work on display throughout the different homes. All pieces are available for sale by the individual artists. This year, the homes are located on the same street allowing for maximum convenience and a "block party" feel in Savannah's Landmark Historic District.

    The Tour is self-guided and guests may go at their own pace, taking time to meet and converse with the various artists along the way.

    In order to offer Tour guests a comfortable environment to view the art and to visit with artists and friends, a limited number of tickets are available. Tickets are $70 and available through Eventbrite as well as online at

    Proceeds from the sale of tickets benefit the Downtown Neighborhood Association's public safety initiatives. For more information, email


  • Wednesday, August 17, 2016 7:35 AM | Anonymous

    Public invited to drop-in sessions on changes to Bay Street today:

    The City will host two drop-in sessions for the public to learn more about the planned pilot program to test certain measures on Bay Street with the goal of improving pedestrian safety and traffic flow on Bay between Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and East Broad.

    Today, Wednesday, August 17

    2 - 4 p.m.

    6 - 8 p.m.

    Savannah Civic Center, 2nd Floor

    301 W. Oglethorpe Ave.


    City staff will be available to answer questions and receive feedback from the public regarding the pilot program on Bay.

    During the pilot, which will run September 11 through October 9, the temporary changes to Bay will include:

    • Remove on-street metered parking on Bay
    • Widen the travel lanes to standard width
    • Install bollards on sidewalks
    • Install traffic barrels in roadway to mark medians


    As announced in the Savannah Morning News, a temporary ban on trucks along Bay Street will take place as well. Click here to read the article

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