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Part One Crimes Report For Downtown Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 9:08 AM | Anonymous

50 “reported” Part (1) incidents; Break Down / 30 Day Period 2019

30 Days (Reports are preliminary based) Numbers are based off of what is included the “Northwest, Northeast, Central, Southwest, and Southeast Historic Neighborhoods” Crystal report. The Numbers in this report may not be a final and definite total. This is not raw data.

(10-20-2019 through 11-19-2019)   “50” in 2018

SE Historic District 

ROBBERY; 191027004 530 E Hall St. (Beat 24). 10/27/2019 00:09 hrs.: The victim reported he was approached by the suspects, who all had their faces covered. The victim reported that one of the suspect’s was at his door, and the other 3 were on the passenger side of his work van. The victim reported that one of the suspects pointed a gun at him and told him to get out of the vehicle.  The supects drove away with the vehicle but were apprehended after a pursuit by police and fleeing the vehicle on foot.  3 Suspects Arrested.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191112134 700 Drayton St. (Mansion on Forsyth – Beat 24). 11/10/2019 16:00 – 11/12/2019 19:00 hrs.: The complainant stated she got married at the Mansion on Forsyth on 11/9/19, but was staying at the Bohemian on River St. She stated the Mansion was supposed to bring all of her wedding belongings to her room at the Bohemian on 11/11/19. When she went through the belongings, she realized two of the purses she rented for her wedding were missing.

Central Historic District

LARCENY, BICYCLE; 191022004 212 E Liberty St. (Beat 25). 10/22/2019 17:30 – 23:59 hrs.: The complainant stated that he was at this location on a painting job and had his bicycle locked to the front railing of the house while he worked. He stated that when he went to leave his bicycle was no longer there, and his black keypad lock was cut in half.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191023082 17 E Perry St. (Beat 25). 10/23/2019 00:01 – 13:37 hrs.: The complainant stated her right side back small window was broken. She stated that nothing of value was in the vehicle, but her grocery bags and papers from her glove box were missing.

LARCENY,FROM YARDS; 191028071 250 Bull St. (Southern Charm Antiques – Beat 25). 10/20/2019 02:00 hrs.: The business owner stated that he found camera footage of a white male pulling into a parking spot in front of the store and take around 11 pieces of fence from the garden in front of the store.

LARCENY,FROM MAILS; 191101101 408 E Jones St. (Beat 25). 11/01/2019 13:05 – 14:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that he had a package delivered to his residence at 1305 hrs., and when he arrived home at 1400 hrs. the package was not there. He stated that he checked several houses nearby to make sure the package was not placed on the wrong porch. He found his package empty near 416 E Jones St.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191106135 510 E Charlton St. (Beat 25). 11/06/2019 17:30 – 20:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that while he was at his second job at the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club, his son may have forgotten to lock the doors to his vehicle when he got out. He stated that his Century Arms M92 7.62x39 AK Pistol was stolen out of his vehicle.

LARCENY, SHOPLIFTING; 191108054 222 Drayton St. (Parker’s – Beat 25). 11/08/2019 12:00 – 12:28 hrs.: The business reported that a black female and a black male left without paying for their food and drinks.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191109116 350 Bull St. (Beat 25). 11/07/2019 14:30 – 16:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that she was in class and had her wallet with $250 cash in her backpack. She stated that during class, they were allowed a 15 minute break, where she went to the bathroom. She stated she checked her wallet before going to the bathroom to make sure her money was still there and it was. She stated when she came back from the bathroom her money was missing.

LARCENY, BICYLCE; 191109082 24 E Jones St. (Beat 25). 11/08/2019 22:30 – 11/09/2019 15:53 hrs.: The complainant stated that she leaves her bicycle on the first floor of her building, because the building is locked from the main door with a keypad to enter the building. She stated that her bicycle was not where she left it the next day.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191112031 Lincoln St/E Charlton Ln. (Beat 25). 11/11/2019 21:00 – 11/12/2019 08:00 hrs.: The complainant reported that her front passenger side window of her vehicle was broken. She stated that her checkbook was taken from the center console of the vehicle.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191112129 22 E Taylor St. (Beat 25). 11/11/2019 10:00 – 11/12/2019 18:10 hrs.: The complainant stated when she was getting in her car to go to work she noticed the left driver side window was smashed in. Nothing of value was missing from the vehicle.

LARCENY, SHOPLIFTING; 191114006 200 Block of Drayton St. (Beat 25). 11/14/19 01:24  hrs.: Reporting party advised that the suspect stole beer from the store.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191115111 200 BLK of Barnard St. (Beat 25). 11/15/2019 16:30 hrs.:  The reporting party stated he was working out at Club SCAD and placed his belongings on a table around 16:30. He advised he did not return to the table till after his work out around 17:00 and noticed his phone and his wallet were missing.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 1911118006 200 Block of Drayton St. (Beat 25). 11/18/2019 03:15 hrs.: Complainant advised that he witnessed the suspect steal cartons of cigarettes out of his trailer.

SW Historic District

LARCENY, SHOPLIFTING; 191022125 412 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Smoke City – Beat 25). 10/22/2019 18:03 hrs.: The business reported that a group of juveniles had shoplifted from the store. They reportedly ran from the business taking a box of cigar rolling papers and 2 Juul pods.

BURGLARY, COMMERCIAL; 191023023 701 Montgomery St. (Choate – Beat 25). 10/22/2019 17:00 – 10/23/2019 06:55 hrs.: The supervisor of the business reported that when they came into the business, they noticed the companies Apple TV, Apple TV box, Fire Stick, and two drills were missing. They stated that safety mechanism on the bathroom window was broken and that a small person could have fit through the window.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191027033 Barnard St/W Gwinnett St. (Beat 25). 10/27/2019 05:26 hrs.: Officers were dispatched to the area in reference to a check subject of a black male looking into vehicles. When the officer arrived in the location, he was able to locate the male sitting in the driver seat of a vehicle.  The male fled on foot.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191104065 215 W Huntingdon St. (Beat 25). 10/15/2019 21:00 – 10/16/2019 00:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that he has two roommates at his residence. He stated that he had four philharmonic coins next to a piece of furniture and hidden under a blanket in his room. He stated that he left his room to go out with friends, and when he returned, the coins and an iPhone 6 were missing from his room.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191106044 415 W Liberty St. (Courtyard by Marriott – Beat 25). 11/06/2019 03:00 – 09:07 hrs.: The General Manager of the hotel advised that she had fired the suspect on 11/5/19. She stated that she was informed by the night shift employee that the suspect was able to gain access to the hotel and took a white binder with training information and company information and 6 survey sheets that were posted on the wall with guest information.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191112026 451 Barnard St. (Beat 25). 11/11/2019 15:00 – 11/12/2019 06:29 hrs.: The complainant reported that his wife had left their vehicle unlocked overnight. He stated that her wallet and school ID card with keys was taken from the vehicle.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191115143 304 W Hall St. (Beat 26). 11/15/19 21.39 hrs.: The reporting party advised that her brother stole her pistol.

LARCENY, SHOPLIFTING; 191116081 42 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (Beat 26). 11/16/19 16:52 hrs.: Business reported that a male stole a glass waterpipe insert (Value $149)

AUTO THEFT; 191117027 509 Barnard St. (Beat 26). 11/17/19 19:00 hrs.:   The reporting party advised they parked the vehicle around 1900 hrs and possibly left the keys in the vehicle.

NW Historic District

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT; 191020006 126 W Bay St. (Beat 27). 10/20/2019 00:35 hrs.: Domestic verbal argument escalated in the suspect strangling the victim.  Suspect Arrested.

LARCENY,ENTERING AUTO; 191026064 W Bay St/Jefferson St. (Beat 27). 10/25/2019 17:00 – 10/26/2019 12:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that she parked her vehicle on Bay St. while she was downtown. She stated when she left downtown, she drove home to South Carolina, and when she woke up, she discovered her Smith & Wesson 9 mm firearm missing from her vehicle.

LARCENY,FROM YARDS; 191030137 201 W Bay St. (Hotel Indigo – Beat 26). 10/30/2019 19:00 – 19:30 hrs.: The complainant stated that his cell phone was stolen off of the valet stand at the hotel.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT; 191101007 W Congress St/Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. (Beat 27). 11/01/2019 01:38 hrs.: Officers responded to a report of a fight. A friend that was with the victim stated that they were in a minor physical altercation inside of Rogue Water bar and were kicked out. As they were walking North on MLK a different unknown white male ran up behind the victim and him in the face causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

AUTO THEFT; 191105010 Downtown Area. (Beat 27). 11/05/2019 05:05 hrs.: Officers responded to 704 Wheaton St. in reference to a complainant that had located his stolen vehicle. The complainant hadn’t reported the vehicle as stolen until he recovered it. The complainant stated that he was downtown with his friends, but is unsure where. He stated that he realized he had left his phone in the vehicle and went back to the vehicle to retrieve it, and that is when he discovered his vehicle missing. He was able to track his phone to the wooded area behind 704 Wheaton St., which is when he was notified police. The vehicle was found near the rail tracks with front end damage.  Vehicle Recovered.

ROBBERY; 191107001 42 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. (Beat 27). 11/07/2019 00:11 hrs.: Officers responded to 42 MLK Blvd. for a robbery by force and carjacking. The victim stated that he was getting into his car which was parked near the First Bryan Baptist Church in Yamacraw Village. He stated that he got the car out of park when the suspects opened his doors and began threatening  and attacking him. They pulled him out of the car, got in the front seats, and drove off.  Vehicle Recovered.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191113051 14 Barnard St. (Beat 26). 11/09/2019 11:00 hrs.: Checkbook was reported stolen from the reporting party’s hotel room after a check was cashed for $950.00.

LARCENY, SHOPLIFTING; 191021092 319 W Broughton St. (Edgewater Drive – Beat 26). 10/20/2019 14:55 hrs.: The business reported that they found on their security cameras where a customer stole three sweaters from them.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT; 191023034 Barnard St/W York St. (Beat 26). 10/23/2019 08:59 hrs.: The victim reported that he went to pass a tan colored RAV-4 that was in the road way and as he did the driver of the vehicle pointed a gun at him and asked if he “was in a hurry.”

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT; 191026014 405 W Congress St. (Beat 26). 10/26/2019 01:30 hrs.: Officers responded to the Rail Pub in reference to a battery. The victim had a severe laceration to the left side of his forehead from being hit in the head with a bottle. The laceration required 15 stitches.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT; 191028080 Barnard St/W Congress St. (Beat 26). 10/28/2019 11:36 hrs.: The suspect was reported to have walked up to the victim and threaten him with a knife.   Suspect Arrested.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191028151 111 W Congress St. (Smoke Life – Beat 26). 10/28/2019 20:05 hrs.: The business reported that two black male juveniles had come in the store and stole items, and ran from the store going north towards Bay St. Officers were able to catch one subject who was positively identified by the employee of the business. Suspect Arrested.

LARCENY, OTHER; 191029094 132 Montgomery St. (Beat 26). 10/28/2019 11:00 – 10/29/2019 16:20 hrs.: Parking services reported the theft of a vehicle immobilization boot.

NE Historic District

LARCENY, FROM YARDS; 191020079 100 E River St. (Beat 26). 10/18/2019 19:30 – 10/21/2019 10:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that he had his reading glasses and credit card square stolen from his vendor tent that was set up at Rousakis Plaza. He stated that nothing else was taken from the tent, just those two items.

ROBBERY; 191022167 304 E Broughton St. (Beat 26). 10/22/2019 17:20 – 17:40 hrs.: The victim reported that she had just left Blick art supply store and was walking in front of the Funky Brunch Café, when she felt someone grab her backpack from behind. She thought it was her friend messing with her so she didn’t pay much attention, until she realized the person wasn’t letting go and it startled her. She stated that she twisted quickly and the person let go and then ran off.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191022026 E Bryan St/Lincoln St. (Beat 26). 10/21/2019 18:00 – 10/22/2019 07:45 hrs.: The complainant stated that she found her front passenger window broken and her backpack containing her iPad and other items was missing from the vehicle.

BURGLARY, COMMERCIAL; 191024027 1 E Bay St. (U.S. Customs House – Beat 26). 10/24/2019 02:00 – 08:00 hrs.: The business reported that while making their rounds, they notice the shattered glass on the ground from the bottom two windows of the two doors (four windows broken in all). The suspect entered the US Customs building by reaching the lock after breaking the windows. The suspect left behind a phone.

ROBBERY; 191025152 13 E Broughton St. (Beat 26). 10/25/2019 21:00 hrs.: The victim stated that he and his friend were staging a “peaceful protest” of the Savannah Pride Parade by displaying a “Trump” flag. He stated that two white females came up and pushed him to the ground and took his flag. He stated that he did not know what direction the females went after taking the flag.

LARCENY, FROM BUILDING; 191025140 23 Abercorn St. (The Olde Pink House – Beat 26). 10/25/2019 18:45 – 19:00 hrs.: A former employee was reported to have stolen a purse from the business. 

LARCENY, SHOPLIFTING; 191101129 107 E River St. (True Grits – Beat 27). 11/01/2019 17:50 hrs.: The business reported that three juveniles came into the store and started looking around. They were asked if they had a parent with them and they told the employee no, so they were asked to leave. The juveniles caught and attitude with the employee, but started toward the door. One of the juveniles then grabbed a stack of stickers from a stand and all three then proceeded to run from the store.

LARCENY, BICYLCE; 191103104 201 E Broughton St. (Beat 26). 11/03/2019 12:00 – 17:00 hrs.: The complainant stated that he locked his bicycle to the bike rack in front of the SCAD Museum of Art, and when he returned his bicycle along with the lock were gone. He stated that the bicycle is a Roadmaster.

BURGLARY, RESIDENTIAL; 191107030 510 E. Congress St. (Beat 26). 11/07/19 08:59 hrs.: An employee from the worksite stole tools from the home.  The tools were being returned.  The reporting party declined to prosecute.

LARCENY, BICYLCE; 191112077 7 E. Congress St. (Beat 26). 11/12/19 13:30 hrs.: The complainant advised that he left his bike in the bike rack in front of the restaurant.  A witness observed a male walk up to the rack and take the bike.

LARCENY, ENTERING AUTO; 191117079 28 Houston St. (Beat 26). 11/17/19 19:50 hrs.: Vehicle was rummaged and 2 ipads and a purse were stolen from the vehicle.

AUTO THEFT; 191117077 108 York St. (Beat 26). 11/17/19 19:00 hrs.:   White Toyota Camry was left running in front of the restaurant.  It was gone when the owner returned.

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