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Public Safety Alert from Crime Prevention Officer Samantha Stephens

Tuesday, December 09, 2014 12:52 PM | Anonymous

Homicide 0
W. Congress St. / Jefferson St., (Northwest Historic), CRN 141130013 @ 2:24am on 11-30-2014 Officers were alerted in reference to a possible sexual assault in progress.
200 block of  W. Broughton St., (Northwest Historic District), CRN 141202015 between 5:30pm on 12-1-2014 and 7am on 12-2-2014 an unknown suspect took approximately $3000.00 in power tools from the construction site located in the 200 block of W. Broughton St. There was no forced entry.
Cedar St. / Wheaton St., (Ben Van Clark), CRN 141206089 between 10:45pm on 12-5-2014 and 11am on 12-6-2014 the complainant stated he had a missed call from ADT Alarm System at 3:21am on 12-06-2014. A call was not made to SCMPD from ADT for this location. The complainant stated it is unknown at this time what was taken.
100 block of E. Congress St., (Northeast Historic), CRN 141206181 @ 10:40am on 12-6-2014 the complainant stated that her back was facing away from the window, but she heard feet coming.  She assumed it was a customer or coworker, so she did not turn around.  She then stated the person walked up to the window, and in a voice used to hide their natural one said, "give me everything you have, don't turn around. I have a gun."  She then stated she turned around some to be sure it wasn't someone playing but saw the person with their hand in their pocket.  She did not see a gun, but did not want to risk it so she gave him "everything she could grab fast".  She was unsure of his direction of travel after taking the money.  The complainant advised she had done several "drops" which are normally done when the register is has about 200.00 dollars, but at the time of the robbery she estimates she had 600 to 700.00 dollars to the high volume of cars.
1000 block of E. Bolton St., (Eastside), CRN 141203149 between 4:10pm. and 4:15pm on 12-3-2014 the complainant stated she was waved down by a man she knew. He asked for a ride but she told him she couldn’t because she had to go to the airport. The man then became angry and started to strike the victim causing a wound on the head. He also spit on the victim's car and kicked it, both on the right side. During this, the suspect pointed a gun at the victim and tried to get her out of the car. The suspect then took the victim's car keys and 300 in cash from an envelope in the center console. The suspect then fled from the scene.
600 block Cape St., (Fraizer Homes), CRN 141205023 @ 0638 on 12-5-2014 the complainant stated that he was walking from the Enmark on MLK Blvd. and was going to his grandmother's home in the 600 block of W. Gwinnett St.  He said that he was walking through Kayton homes and as he was walking between the buildings between Cape St. and Draper St., he observed two black males walking towards him.  The complainant stated one male put something in the small of his back; he thought it was a gun.  The complainant said that when the suspect put the object in the small of his back, he told him to give up his change.  The complainant stated he removed his wallet from his right back pocket and gave it to the suspect.  After giving up his wallet, he said that the suspect took off running north then east around the buildings on Cape St.
200 block of W. York St., (Northwest Historic), CRN 141205159 @ 6:51pm on 12-5-2014 the complainant stated that as she walked to her parked vehicle an unknown individual walked up behind her and placed a hard object in the small of her back. He stated that he had a gun and for her to give up all of her valuables. The complainant complied and gave the suspect her purse, which was on her shoulder. He then told her to get in her car and drive off. The complainant did not see the gun or the suspect’s face.
Bull St. / E. Perry St., (Central Historic), CRN 141202062 @ 3:15am on 12-2-2014 the complainant stated that she was walking home and was walking south through Chippewa Square at 3:15am this morning.  She said that a black male was walking behind her then quickly picked up his pace as he approached her.  The complainant stated that the black male said "Give me your money and phone. I know where you work and know you have money."  The complainant then dropped her purse which contained her ID, house keys, and $60 in cash, and took off running towards her residence.  The complainant stated that she waited outside her residence for a moment, and then returned to Chippewa Square to see if her purse was still there.  She found her purse with her ID, however her house keys and cash were missing.
W. 31st St. / Jefferson St., (Southwest Historic), CRN 141130114 @ 6:20pm on 11-30-2014 the complainant stated that she was at 31st Street and Jefferson Street at the red light in her vehicle (yellow Ford Mustang) when a Burgundy Kia Jeep (SUV) with tinted windows approached her vehicle on her driver side door. The complainant stated that a black male then rolled down the passenger window and she noticed two black males in the vehicle. The complainant stated that the black male passenger then came half way out of the  car window with what appeared to be an "AK" (automatic weapon) and looked as though he was about to fire at her.  The complainant then put her vehicle in reverse and went backwards before the black male subject could fire. The complainant stated that the Kia Jeep attempted to catch up with her. The complainant then ran the red light. The complainant stated that she believes the men were looking for her baby’s father.
1300 block of E. Bolton St., (Eastside), CRN 141204140 between 7:30pm and 7:45pm on 12-4-2014 the complainant stated that several people including the two victims had been standing in the street just East of the address in question.  She stated that a female had been calling one of the other parties on scene all day and had indicated that there was some kind of dispute.  The complainant stated that when the shooting occurred the suspects had driven past the location from the West side of the block to the East in a black Pontiac Bonneville.  She stated the suspects then stopped at the East corner of the block and got out on foot and approached the victims firing multiple times as they approached.  The complainant provided three names, two male and one female, and also stated that they might be found in the area of Lawton Ave and Greenville Ave.
AGGRAVATED ASSAULT without a GUN, other  1
600 block of W. Oglethorpe Ave., (Yamacraw), CRN 141205101 @ 2:13pm on 12-5-2014 the complainant  was unable to give a description of the suspect.  He advised he did not recall her body type or what she was wearing.  He appeared uninterested in answering questions, and he advised that he had never seen her before today.  The complainant advised that they began an argument inside of the Family Dollar moments before the incident.  The complainant stated that he did not recall what the argument was about, however he did state that the fight occurred near the end of the line.  The complainant stated that they did not walk together to the bus station, however they both ended up in the same location.  He then said that he was standing in the loading area to get on bus # 28 when he was attacked from behind.  He advised that the suspect had a knife; however he did not recall what the knife looked like.  He then said that she left the location, and she may have gotten on a bus.
300 block of E. Park Ave., (East Victorian District), CRN 141201165 between 6pm and 8pm on 12-1-2014 the complainant stated he left his rear door slightly ajar for approximately two hours while he was upstairs.  When he came back downstairs he noticed his wallet and keys were missing from the table in the living room and his vehicle was missing from behind his residence.  There were two laptop computers in his vehicle.  He was able to provide the serial number for the Dell but not for the Acer.  The vehicle is a silver 2010 Volkswagen CC Sport.
1400 block of E. Duffy St., (Eastside), CRN 141130117 @ 8:05pm on 11-30-2014 the complainant stated that she left for work around 12:15pm and did not notice anything suspicious. When she arrived back home from work she noticed that the front door was partially open. The complainant stated that she "peeked" inside and noticed that the television in the master bedroom had been taken.
800 block of Paulsen St., (Eastside), CRN 141201116  between 2:40pm and 3:10pm on 12-1-2014 the complainant noticed that the door had been kicked in.  All of the rooms were in disarray due to the suspects actions. It was unknown at the time of this report if anything was missing.
500 block of Emerald Dr.  (Frazier Homes), CRN 141202030 between 8am on 11-24-2014 and 4am on 12-2-2014  the complainant stated that she left her residence secured on November 24, 2014 and left town. The complainant stated that on November 25, 2014 she received a call from her father advising that her bedroom window was opened. She advised that her father contacted Housing Authority to secure the residence until she returned. Upon entering the residence the complainant noticed it in disarray.  The blinds from her bedroom window were broken and the sheet from her bed was used to cover the window.  The complainant stated that $300.00 and an Xbox game machine were stolen from the residence.
1500 block of E. Park Ave., (Ben Van Clark), CRN 141203062 between 8:30am and 9:56am on 12-3-2014 the complainant stated that her sister rents the apartment. Her sister was dating someone up until Monday December 1st when they broke up. Since then the ex-boyfriend has been trying to get some of his personal belongings back from the residence, which include a black duffel bag and a Comcast cable box. The sister wouldn't give the items back due to a monetary dispute.  The items that were taken from the home include the Comcast cable box, the black duffel bag, and a wallet that contained $200 and a Suntrust debit card. All the items were taken from the master bedroom. At some point after discovering the burglary the complainant had her sister contact the ex-boyfriend who admitted to breaking into the home to get his belongings, but ended communication when he was questioned about taking the wallet.
900 block of Lincoln St., (East Victorian), CRN 141203085 @ 11:28am on 12-3-2014 the complainant stated that the back sliding glass door had been shattered by a brick which was laying on the ground just inside the residence. He said he was the owner but the two females that were staying and renting the property were out of town for holiday vacation.  One of the residents that was out of town was contacted by phone and advised she had some medical stuff which contained injection needles because she was a diabetic but it sounded like nothing was taken out of her medical box. Two needles in their packages appeared untampered with. In the other resident’s bedroom there was a small jewelry box on her bedside night stand that appeared to have been opened and gone through.  Officers were unable to make contact with the second resident to ask questions about possible missing items.
800 block of E. Bolton St., (Eastside), CRN 141205032 between 8am and 8:02am on 12-5-2014 the side doors on the East side of both units were heavily damaged and appeared to have been forced (kicked) open. A.C condensing units and evaporator units appeared to have been removed from both units.  The complainant advised that the condensing units were secured in place by a metal cage. The pad locks that secured the units inside the cage were cut and removed.
600 block of W. Oglethorpe Ave., (Roundhouse), CRN 141130052 between 10:15am and 12:18pm on 11-30-2014 the complainant stated that after checking out of his hotel room he realized he had left his IPad Air 2 on the bed in the room.  The complainant returned to the hotel to make contact with the management and try to retrieve his tablet.  The management stated that the personnel who cleaned the room did not find an IPad in the room.  The manager stated that since they contract out the personnel to clean the rooms, they would have to contact the company itself to get the names.  The complainant did not know the IPad’s serial number.
900 block of MLK Blvd., (West Victorian), CRN 141203145 between 4:10pm and 4:15pm on 12-3-2014 the complainant stated that her iPhone 5c was stolen by a light skin black male.  The complainant advised the male was wearing a white shirt with khaki pants (school uniform) and a blue jacket.  The complainant also stated the male was carrying a DeRenne middle school notebook.  The complainant went into the back room to wash out a vase and when she came out of the back room the male was in the store and asked her about some of the items in the store and abruptly left.  After the male left she noticed that her white iPhone 5c and pink case were missing.
100 block of W. Congress St., (Northeast Historic), CRN 141204004 @ 12:17am on 12-4-2014 the complainant stated that a black male wearing a purple jacket came into the store looking suspicious. The complainant stated he observed the subject but did not watch him the whole time in the store. The complainant stated when he went to the register the tip jar was open so he ran after the subject outside. The video feed showed the subject come into the store and walk to the register constantly looking around. The video feed showed the subject open the tip jar and take out a hand full of cash. The subject then walked out the store heading south on Whitaker St.
100 block of Fahm St., (Yamacraw), CRN 141204135 @ 6:07pm on 12-4-2014 the complainant stated someone stole his shoes.  The complainant stated he has been staying at the mission for 5 days and has not had any problems until today. He has been locking his property in a locker until today. He stated he did not receive all the instructions for securing his property. He placed his sheets and clothing in the black plastic bag, but left his shoes in a small plastic bag on his bed. When he returned from a work program through the Savannah Impact, he found his shoes stolen.
400 block of Bull St., (Central Historic), CRN 141205080 between 10:30am and 12:48pm on 12-5-2014 the complainant stated that a white male was in the store earlier that morning around 10:30am. She said he was just browsing but was acting strange.  The complainant stated that a few minutes after he left she went to check her purse because the suspect had been over in that area. She said she noticed her wallet missing.
400 block of Whitaker St., (Southwest Historic), CRN 141205089 @ 11:30am on 12-5-2014 the complainant stated she discovered $300-$400 dollars was stolen from her purse. The complainant stated her purse was sitting in the chair in the office unattended. The complainant stated she remembered a white male was the only one in the business around 11:30am. It is unknown the direction the suspect traveled.
10 block of  W. Bay St., (Northwest Historic), CRN 141205116 between 4pm and 6pm on 12-2-2014 the complainant stated she placed her purse containing her driver's license and pay check in the cabinet commonly used by employees.  This cabinet is located on the dining room floor in plain view of the patrons but the doors are kept closed.  The complainant stated she put her purse inside around 4pm and around 6pm she went to the cabinet and discovered the purse was stolen.
0 block of International Dr., (Hutchinson), CRN 141130120 @ 1910 on 11-30-2014 the complainant stated he was parked on the north side of the Convention Center for a dog show.  The complainant stated he had left the windows partially down due to having two dogs in kennels inside the vehicle.  Upon leaving the Convention Center complainant noticed the doors were unlocked.  The complainant is positive the doors were locked prior to entering the Convention Center.  The complainant left the Convention Center and went to a gas station where his girlfriend noticed her purse had been emptied on the back seat and that her wallet was missing.
1500 block of  E. Bolton St., (Eastside) CRN 141130018 @ 3:51am on 11-30-2014 when officers arrived observed two black males matching the description of the persons observed by the vehicle owner inside her vehicle. Both suspects were handcuffed and taken into custody.  During a search of the suspect #1 a loaded firearm was found in his right front outer jacket pocket. In his front right pants pocket a Ford vehicle key was found. The witness and vehicle owner stated she saw both suspects by her car and saw suspect #1 in the front seat of the car and suspect #2 at the back of the vehicle. She was later able to positively ID both suspects during a lineup at the scene. She also stated that her vehicle had been stolen in an earlier incident and had her ignition rekeyed to prevent future theft. The doors however were left with the original locks.  Officers were able to confirm the key found in suspect #1’s pocket opened the victim’s vehicle.
1400 block of E. Waldburg St., (Ben Van Clark), CRN 141130144 between 9pm on 11-29-2014 and 11:28pm on 11-30-2014 the complainant stated that her vehicle had been parked in her driveway since 11/29/14 at approximately 9pm. When she went to her vehicle at the time of this report to retrieve her firearm, she realized that her vehicle had been gone through and her firearm was stolen. There were no signs of forced entry. The complainant stated that she must have left her vehicle unlocked. The complainant retrieved her firearm's information.  Officer’s recovered a firearm matching this description the night prior, where two subjects were arrested for entering a different vehicle.  The firearm recovered on those subjects was a perfect match to the complainant’s stolen firearm.
0 block of Resort Dr., (Hutchinson Island), CRN 141202115 between 11:30am and 4:47pm on 12-2-2014 the complainant stated that he parked his 2008 Ford LGT pickup truck in the golf course parking lot at around 11:30am. When he returned to his vehicle, he noticed the inside of the vehicle had been ransacked. He could not remember if he secured his vehicle when he first arrived. He did not see anything missing from the vehicle.
0 block of Resort Dr., (Hutchinson Island), CRN 141202110 between 11:30am and 4:47pm on 12-2-2014 the complainant stated that he parked his 2011 Chevy Tahoe in the golf course parking lot at around 11:30am. When he returned to his vehicle, the driver's side back door window was broken. Upon inspection of the vehicle he noticed his Beige  Philson PC bag that contained his silver Dell Laptop computer was missing.
600 Emerald Dr., (Fraser Homes), CRN 141205044 @ 0600 hrs. on 12-5-2014 the officer located a women's wallet in a dumpster near 600 block of Draper Street and was able to make contact with the owner of the wallet.  The owner of the wallet stated she was staying in Frazier Homes last night. This morning she heard her car alarm activate and thought she saw someone running from the area. Her car is a recently purchased 2007 Volvo S60 and there was no damage or forced entry into her vehicle. Her wallet was the only thing stolen from the vehicle.
700 Block Drayton St., (S.E. Historic), CRN 141205068 between 0930 hrs. and 1130 hrs. on 12-5-2014 Complainant stated she discovered the front passenger window busted on her vehicle and her purse stolen. Complainant stated her purse was on the front passenger floor board of the vehicle with something over it to cover. The vehicle was parked on the south side of West Hall Street.
Jefferson St. / W. Jones St., (Frazier Homes), CRN 141206047 between 7:30am and 8:30am on 12-6-2014 the complainant refused to identify himself but advised that he noticed a black male wearing an orange and white "Clemson" jersey and white pants was looking into parked vehicles on Jefferson St. The complainant stated he noticed a brown SUV with the rear window damaged.  Records check could not return a phone number or a point of contact since the vehicle was leased through a company name.
300 block of  E. Gwinnett St., (East Victorian), CRN 141130019 @ 6:47am on 11-30-2014 the complainant / store manager explained that the suspect had been shoplifting from the store, from which she was previously banned.  He said she had asked for empty boxes when she first entered the store.  A few minutes later, he saw her in the meat aisle putting packages of meat in a large box at the bottom of the shopping cart, and then covering the larger box with smaller empty boxes.  When she attempted to leave the store the manager and security officer attempted to stop her at which time she began to fight them.  She also had a small container of pepper spray, which she tried unsuccessfully to use on them.  They were finally able to detain her until police arrived.
700 block of Wheaton St., (Eastside), CRN 141130050 @ 12pm on 11-30-2014 the suspect bought two “pixie sticks” and stole two boxes of 5-pack Snickers candy bars, one bottle of Dove shampoo, and two packs of lighters.
300 block of  E. Gwinnett St., (East Victorian), CRN 141201136 @ 5:18pm on 12-1-2014 the complainant advised a black female wearing a black and white striped shirt and black pants placed a pack of four pork chops in her purse.  He and the store manager attempted to stop her from exiting the store.  She shoved them and fled the store north on Habersham Street before entering a burgundy late 1990s or early 2000s model Chevrolet Malibu.
300 block of E. Gwinnett St., (East Victorian), CRN 141130105 @ 11:12am on 11-30-2014 A shoplifting report was completed by Kroger.
W. Broughton / Whitaker St., (Northwest Historic), CRN 141202072 @ 12:40pm on 12-2-2014 the complainant stated the suspect purchased items and then left the store without taking the receipt that was offered to her.  The suspect then came back into the store to ask for the receipt, and the clerk noticed her in another area of Goodwill when she went to retrieve it.  The clerk witnessed the suspect put a shirt into the bag, and then leave the store.
700 block of Wheaton St., (Blackshear), CRN 141203095 @ 12:29pm on 12-3-2014 the complainant stated that a black female wearing a black jacket stole some perfume out of the store and was last seen going towards the 700 block of Wheaton St.  The suspect was located at this location and the perfume was also located with the suspect.
2100 block of W. Bay St., (Hudson Hill), CRN 141203135 @ 3:10pm on 12-3-2014 the complainant stated a female had entered the store and stolen unknown items earlier in the day.  The woman then returned to the store in different clothes and filled a push basket with over $126.00 worth of merchandise. The complainant stated the female stood by the front door with the basket by the snack display before pushing it out the door without paying. The complainant went outside behind her and stopped her by holding on to the shopping cart of unpurchased products. At this time the woman began to struggle with the complainant over the shopping cart. The suspect soon let go of the shopping cart and got into a red vehicle with an unidentified female driver.
200 block of  Drayton St., (Central Historic), CRN 141205011 @ 2:35am on 12-5-2014 the complainant stated while watching the security camera, she saw the suspect eat a Slim Jim and leave the wrapper on the floor. The complainant stated she also saw him take some cheese.  The complainant asked the suspect if he had any other items, and he began pulling food items out of his pockets, including three chicken tender biscuits, an egg and cheese biscuit, a gouda cheese wheel, and a chicken salad on wheat sandwich.  The complainant stated she wanted him arrested and banned from the store for shoplifting.  The suspect appeared to be intoxicated and stated that he was on crutches because his leg was broken.  The suspect removed all of the items from his pockets without hesitation and he insisted that he was going to pay for it.  He explained to the complainant that he wanted to pay for his items, but she refused, and insisted that he be taken into custody.
100 block of E. Harris St., (Central Historic), CRN 141202046 between 8am on 11-26-2014 and 10am on 12-2-2014 the complainant stated that the iron fence that was located on the South East corner of the residence was stolen. He advised that the fence was there the week of 11/25/14, but was not in place when he arrived home on 12/2/2014.
800 block of W. Anderson St., (West Victorian), CRN 141203036 @ 10:51am on 11-21-2014 the complainant stated that he was looking at security feeds from November 21, 2014 in reference to a separate incident when he observed a black male on a bicycle enter the property.  The complainant said that moments later, the male left carrying an iron gate that was taken from one of the grave sites on the property.
300 block of E. Broad St., (Central Historic), CRN 141205040 between 2:50am and 8am on 12-5-2014 the complainant stated he was inside his office attempting to turn the heat up from his computer at his desk when he noticed it wasn't working. He figured out that it wasn't the system inside but that the AC unit outside had been stolen. The complainant stated the entire outside unit was missing, lines cut, and the power jumper beside the unit had been pulled out to kill the power. The complainant stated that the wireless thermostat told him that the power to the unit went off anywhere between 2:50am and 3:40am.
700 block of E. Duffy St., (Eastside), CRN 141205059 between 10am on 12-3-2014 and 10:30am on 12-5-2014  the complainant stated he discovered the central heat / air unit stolen from the west side to his vacant apartment. He also stated he went inside the apartment and discovered his saw and a drop cord stolen.
10 block of W. Taylor St., (Central Historic), CRN 141201119 @ 12pm on 12-1-2014 the complainant stated someone stole items from USPS packages that were left in front of his door.  Items stolen totaled over $200.00.  Tracking numbers confirmed the packages were delivered on 12-1-2014 at 10:27am.
600 block of Price St., (Southeast Historic), CRN 141204133 between 11:30am and 2pm on 12-4-2014 the complainant stated someone pried the lock on the gate on the north side of his residence.  His bicycle was behind the gate.  The suspect(s) stole his bicycle.  The complainant was inside his residence but did not hear or see anything.  The bicycle was a red Huffy beach cruiser with silver handlebars.  The black rubber on the handlebars was slightly torn on both sides.  He did not know the serial number and did not have a photo of the bicycle.  The tires had white trim, and there were lights on the front and the back of the bicycle.
0 block of  W. Broughton St., (Nortthwest Historic), CRN 141205117 between 9:30pm on 11-26-2014 and 10:30am on 11-28-2014.  On 12-05-2014 at 3:53pm hrs. The complainant stated on 11-28-2014 at 10:30am. she discovered her black men frame mountain bicycle stolen. She stated the bicycle was locked with a U-lock to a pole in the alley. Complainant stated she was very busy and that’s why she was unable to file the report earlier.
Ann St. / Zubley St., (Yamacraw), CRN 141206101 @ 2:45pm on 12-6-2014 the complainant stated that her white 1988 Cutlass Oldsmobile Supreme was stolen including the keys around 2:45pm from the front of her home. The complainant’s vehicle was located without its keys in the 100 block of W Bolton St. around 13pm by a traffic unit on patrol.  The complainant was contacted and advised that her vehicle was located.
CRN 141130107 changed to lost / mislaid property

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