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DNA Members Encouraged to Attend May 15 City Council Meeting

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 1:01 PM | Anonymous


How do you feel about 6-story buildings and 4-story buildings along our historic riverfront?  Well, you better start liking them…or come to the City Council meeting on Thursday and tell your Aldermen why you don’t.  While you’re at it, you might also inquire as to how such tall buildings can be allowed without seeingundefinedin contextundefinedwhat they will look like and what they will feel like before they are given approval. 
Imagine yourself walled off from the Savannah River by buildings that block your view of the water on the west end of River Street. Not only can that happen…it can happen with virtually no input from you through the Historic District Board of Review and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  So, take the opportunity to let City Council know how you feel about this.  Ask them: 1) not to amend the Height Map to allow taller buildings along our historic and fragile riverfront and 2) ask them to change the process that allows a short-cut that obviates the opportunity for the HDBR and ZBA to review and recommend before City Council dictates our riverfront’s future. 
This is scheduled to be the 9th item on tomorrow’s City Council agenda, beginning at 2pm. 
Harold Yellin, Petitioner (MPC File No. 14-000709-ZA), requesting a text amendment to Article B (Zoning Districts), Sec. 8-3030 (Historic District), (n) (12) Design Standards, Height to allow a maximum of three stories or 45 feet above Bay Street (approximately six stories) in the northwestern corner of the Savannah Historic District extending approximately 775 feet along the Savannah River to the east and west of the Power Plant Site and to allow a maximum of one story above Bay Street (approximately four stories) extending approximately 375 feet along the Savannah River to the east of the Power Plant Site.


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