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Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association Announces 2014 Grant Recipients

Monday, May 12, 2014 12:53 PM | Anonymous

Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association

Announces 2014 Grant Recipients


The Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) will award $16,000 in community grants to area organizations at their Annual Meeting and Spring Picnic on Tuesday, May 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Davenport House Museum Garden.


This year, DNA invited organizations to apply for grants in one of the following categories: Beautification and improvements in the downtown area; Arts and cultural life; Humanitarian causes.


This year’s recipients include:

Coastal Heritage Society/ Savannah Children’s Museum

Davenport House Museum

Emmaus House

Empty Stocking Fund

HUGS-Heads Up Guidance Services

Inner City Night Shelter

King-Tisdell Foundation, Inc. Beach Institute Garden Project

Old Savannah City Mission, Inc.

Savannah Baptist Center

Savannah Bicycle Campaign

Savannah Children's

Savannah Tree Foundation

Telfair Museum of Art, Inc

The Children's School at St. Johns Church


Grants are funded through the monies raised at the Downtown Neighborhood Associations Annual Holiday Tour of Homes held each December.



  • Tuesday, May 20, 2014 3:09 PM | Deleted user
    Of course I'm disappointed that the Savannah Philharmonic was not one of this year's grant recipients.
    Celebrating it's fifth successful year, I would have thought that this would have merited some consideration
    from the DNA.

    Social Service funding is always at the forefront of the contributions. I appreciate that but also think about
    the effort that the Philharmonic is making through their educational programming directed to the inner=
    city children and their schools. We are giving opportunities through master classes, tickets for concerts,
    our musicians working with inner-city orchestras and bands, using inner city children to help usher our
    concerts, inviting them to rehearsals, and answering any other musical needs that the city schools
    request. All of these opportunities to enrich the lives of children were written pointed out in our application.

    Additionally, we must have some positive opportunities for people….some happy things to consider, not
    just concentration of the city's needy population. Most of us donate to many of the listed organizations.
    But, culture in a city is also important…very important to improve the quality of life for all and to attract
    businesses to the city; businesses that will help with support by contributing to the many social causes in

    The Board of the Philharmonic and the staff are hard working people that are dedicated to bringing back
    music, on a nine month basis, to the citizens (all of them!) of Savannah. This is a positive element for
    everyone. I don't know what Savannah Children's is, but if it is the Savannah Children's Chorus, we have
    used them in our concerts. The list only states Savannah Children's.

    I realize the limitation of your funding. With that in mind, may I suggest that you rotate your funding
    to make it a more meaningful and fair distribution of funding. As a member, I note that many of the
    same charities are funded rather consistently.

    I live on the Landings, but keep a membership because I believe in everything that you do. In fact, I
    raised my donation this year, and had your website been more user friendly, you would have received
    more. I tried to donate $100 but the website only accepted $45.00. I don't know why. I tried several
    times but to no avail.

    Marilyn Sheridan
    Board Member
    Savannah Philharmonic
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