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DNA Neighborhood Watch Alert - April 8, 2014

  • Tuesday, April 08, 2014 12:47 PM
    Message # 1533921
    DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    Report from Officer Stephens, SCMPD:

    On this morning at 12:14am a victim reported walking on Broughton St and using his cell phone, when a suspect on a bicycle snatched his iPhone 5 from his hand. The victim attempted to catch the suspect to no avail. There were no reported injuries. The victim’s phone was tracked to an area in Precinct 3. A suspect was in possession of the phone but stated he purchased the phone from someone else. He was arrested for Theft by Receiving by Precinct 3 officers.

    This is the third reported incident involving the Sudden Snatching of an electronic device. We are concentrating our efforts in the areas affected by this crime. We highly encourage that you all remain vigilant. Although it is not prohibited to ride bicycles in certain locations, if you notice someone is approaching you while on a bicycle on the sidewalk, TAKE SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS TO MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR ITEMS CLOSE TO YOUR BODY. MAKE EYE CONTACT. IF THE OFFENDER ATTEMPTS TO SNATCH YOUR ITEMS, REMEMBER PERSONAL SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT, LET IT GO! YELL, CALL 911! GET THE ATTENTION OF OTHERS. They may be able to help identify the suspect, if when caught by police.

    Public Safety Reminders
    1) Report all suspicious activity as soon as you are safe and timing is reasonable.
    2) When out at night, have a friend walk with you and be attentive.
    3) Make eye contact with passersby. Make it obvious that you see them.
    4) Keep your belongings (purses, bags etc.) close to you. If someone attempts to snatch your purse, shows or implies they have a weapon and demands your property, let them go. Your personal safety is paramount to things that can be replaced. It may help to keep your cell phone in a pocket to make that emergency call.
    5) Should the suspect demand your phone, GIVE IT TO THEM! Your best defense is to enable tracking devices on your electronics (ex. iPhones, etc.) if possible. Cases are at times solved and leads developed based on this information
    6) Remember timing matters: as soon as you are safe note the description of the suspect and the direction the suspect ran in and relay that information to your 911 dispatcher.

    Note to reader: Although several of these reported crimes indicate a specific race, age, and statures. Please remain attentive and understand that these are crimes of opportunity. These crimes are not more apt to be committed by a specific type of person.

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