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  • Monday, November 17, 2014 1:42 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    400 block of Bull St., (Central), CRN 141111136 between 5pm and 8pm on 11-11-2014 an officer responded to the incident location in reference to a door with broken glass. The officer noticed a red brick lying on the floor and on the outside of the building on the pavement the officer noticed coins on the sidewalk leading south towards Gordon Lane, but did not pass the lane.  The building was cleared. The owner responded to the scene and advised that the cash register that contained $90.00 in cash was stolen. Forensics was requested.
    10 block of Culver St., (Ben Van), CRN 141113159 @ 8:02pm on 11-13-2014 the complainant was pointing at a group of 3 black males and 1 black female attempting to walk away from the scene and stated "that's him". The complainant stated one black male in the group with a green hoodie pulled a gun on him.  The complainant stated the subject walked onto the porch of 10 block of Culver Street where the complainant was sitting waiting on a friend and the suspect asked him for a cigarette. The complainant stated he told subject he would give him a cigarette when the suspect told him that he needed five or six cigarettes. The complainant stated he told the suspect he would not give him five or six cigarettes and he would only give him one. The complainant stated the suspect then moved his right hand from behind his leg and he noticed he had a gun in his hand. The complainant stated he then gave the suspect the cigarettes. The complainant stated as the suspect walked away from him he stated "this cracker going to make me kill him". The officer that stopped the suspect asked him did he have a weapon on him.  He replied no. He stated he had on BB gun on him on Monday but stated he let his cousin have the gun. I instructed subject that I would frisk him for weapons and weapons only. Upon frisking the suspect, the officer felt what appeared to be a firearm on the front waistline in the hoodie. The suspect was detained. The officer then retrieved the weapon from his person.  The weapon did have the like resemblance of an actual firearm and could be mistaken for one from the naked eye. Supervisors, and Robbery Detective responded.
    Forsyth Park, (Forsyth), CRN 141115184 on 11-15-14 @ 11:35 officers responded to the 10 block of E Liberty St. on report of an armed robbery. Upon arrival to the scene he made contact with the victims in the hotel Lobby.  The victim at approximately 10pm he was walking north through Forsyth Park with victim 2. He advised that two black males with dark clothing approached them running from the east just before the monument in the Park. He stated that both suspects displayed black handguns, pointed them at them, and stated "this is a hold up, give us all your cash". The victim stated he and victim 2 each gave the suspects approximately $100.00 cash (U.S. currency). He advised that after the cash was handed over, the suspects stated "give us all your cash" again. He advised that both suspects then ran East through the park toward Drayton St.  The suspects were described as follows: 2 Black/Males approximately 20-25 years of age, 5'08"-6'00", and regular build.
    Hudson St. / W. Lathrop Ave., (Hudson), CRN 141115028 and CRN 141115026 @ 3:50am on 11-15-2014 officers responded to the area. The officer heard the complainant state his friend was shot in a gray Bonneville along West Bay Street at the park. Upon approaching the vehicle's driver side the officer observed a black male in the vehicle's driver's seat covered with blood unresponsive. Supervisor, on duty lieutenant, EMS, and violent crimes detective responded. 
    1400 block of W. Bay St., (Bayview), CRN 141114182 @ 8:11pm on 11-14-2014 officers responded to a shooting. The victim appeared to have had an injury to the upper right torso area. Forensics, Supervisors, Detectives on duty LT, CPT were all on scene. The victim was taken to Memorial Hospital by EMS (M16).
    AGGRAVATED ASSAULT without a GUN, other  2
    W. Bay St. / Carolan St., (Bayview), CRN 141114009 @ 2:12am on 11-14-2014 the complainant had a laceration to the back of his left hand and a .5 inch laceration to the portion just above his right eye. The complainant stated he was all right and did not want to press charges or file a police report.  The complainant said he was in the Bayview area to see his girlfriend when he ran into some people and got scratched.  The complainant’s injuries were fairly minor in nature with the largest of the two wounds most likely requiring approximately 6 stitches.
    700 block of East Gwinnett St, (Eastside), CRN 141115191, officers were dispatched to the residence in reference to a domestic call.  Dispatch advised that the call was third party with no further information.  Upon arrival the officer spoke with the victim as well as the suspect.  The victim advised that both parties were drinking and that an argument ensued.  The victim said that she was on the couch in the living room when the suspect approached her and told her to be quiet.  The suspect then picked up the cushion from the couch and forced it over her face.  The victim then struggled to push the suspect away by scratching him about the arms and face.  She eventually was able to free herself from him. The suspect admitted several times he was trying to shut up by pressing her face with a pillow.  He was found to be the primary aggressor and arrested.  Supervisor was advised and arrived on scene.  Violent crimes detective was advised.
    RAPE, Sex, other 0
    300 block of W. Bolton St., (West Victorian), CRN 141110022 @ 8:11am 11-10-2014 the complainant stated someone ripped out the bottom floor copper wiring on the house under construction. He estimated about $5,500 worth in damage was done to the property. The complainant stated they locked the temporary fence around the construction site. The fence was forced open through a small opening connected to the exiting fence next door. Forensics was notified.
    800 block of E. Park Ave., (Eastside), CRN 141110042 between 12:01am on 10-07-2014 and 10pm on 11-09-2014 the complainant stated her and her roommate were visiting Atlanta for the weekend, and when she returned on the night of 11/09/14, she noticed that her Apple iMac computer and keyboard were missing from her room. She stated while they were gone, they had another friend come and go to feed their cat, but they do not suspect that he took her property at all. The complainant stated their rear door does not secure very well, and can be opened even when locked.
    500 block of E. Congress St., (Northeast Historic), CRN 141110074 @ 11pm on 11-05-2014 the complainant stated when he went to the residence he noticed his Samsung 47" flat screen TV was taken. The complainant then located the TV wrapped in a blanket by the garbage dumpsters at the bottom of the stairs by the apartment shortly after being at the residence.  The complainant stated that he picked up the TV, and put it back into the apartment.  When complainant returned the next day, the front door of the residence was opened, and the TV missing again.  The TV was not by the garbage dumpsters this time. The complainant stated the only people who have the codes to the doors are himself, his relatives, and the cleaners from this cleaning company.  The complainant stated he complained about one of the employees of the company to the owner, and the owner fired the employee last week.  The complainant said that he has not changed the codes to the locks on the doors until recently.  There was no forced entry into the residence where the TV was taken.  Forensics was offered, but not requested.
    500 block of E. Bryan St., (N.E. District), CRN 141112102 between 5pm on 11-11-2014 and 7:30am on 11-12-2014 the complainant stated he was contacted this morning by the current renter of this residence.  The complainant stated the renter said that the residence was broken into last night between the hours of 5pm-7:30am the morning of the 11th.  The renters advised that the flatscreen TV in the living room had been taken.  The complainant stated the TV was a Seiki brand, 42" flatscreen that is identical to the TV that hangs in the kitchen area.  The kitchen TV was still in the house and is mounted to the wall.  The complainant stated that the residence was broken into approximately a week ago on 11-07-14, reference CRN 141107057.  No forced entry was noticed with that incident.  The complainant did notice damage on the north side kitchen window where the window had pry marks at the bottom of the window and the metal trim surrounding the window was damaged.  The complainant is unsure if damage was from the incident from last week or last night.  Forensics was offered, but not requested.
    800 block of E. Park Ave., (East Side), CRN 141114049 at 10:14am on 11-14-2014 the complainant stated that an unknown suspect took 5 to 6 feet of cooper tubing from the outdoor HVAC unit.  Complainant is unsure when this happened since he lives in Miami, FL and only gets to town occasionally. The complainant lives in Miami and is currently fixing up this residence for retirement.  The copper tubing has an approximate value of $150.00.
    500 block of E. Bolton St., (Eastside), CRN 141114151 between 9am and 5:55pm on 11-14-2014 the complainant stated he returned to his residence he found his home burglarized and ransacked. The complainant stated he believed the subject(s) entered his home through the rear door. He then pointed out the door frame to the rear door that was attached to the enclosed porch. From there the complainant pointed to a broken wooden hammer handle that lay on the saw work table on the enclosed porch.  The complainant stated he believed the suspect broke the hammer after using it to prier open the main rear entry door to the home. The complainant stated once inside his home it appears that the suspects went through every room looking through drawers and closets. He pointed out how the suspects took out two red plastic tumble cups and a glass bottle of rum as if they were going to pour themselves a drink, and left them sitting on the counter in the kitchen. He also stated he found two laptop computers and a tablet sitting on the sofa which is not where they were left, and next to that he found two documents that he believes belonged to the suspects that entered his home. Forensics was advised.
    100 block of E. Bay St., (Northeast Historic), CRN 141113133 between 5pm on 11-12-2014 and 5:44pm on 11-13-2014 the complainant stated while working at the above location her cell phone was stolen. The complainant stated she has video of the subject taking the phone from behind the counter.
    10 block of Barnard St., (Northwest Historic), CRN 141114047 between 2:24pm and 8:17pm on 11-11-2014 the complainant stated a Wild Wing Café umbrella was stolen from the business. The complainant has video of the theft.
    300 block of West Henry St, (West Victorian), CRN 141110060, on 11/10/2014, at approximately 11:39am, officer made contact with the victim who reported a larceny of appliances inside the residence. The victim stated that at an unknown time and date, someone removed a side by side refrigerator, an electric stove, a washing machine, and dryer from the location. The victim stated that there were tenants staying in the residence, but they were formally evicted. The victim stated that the previous tenants stated they already moved out prior to the formal eviction. The victim went to the residence to check its condition at the end of September and found a black male staying at the property who stated he was friends of the previous tenants. The victim was unable to get his name. The victim contacted his contractor who was last known at the residence.  The contractor reported the refrigerator missing when he first visited the property.  The contractor stated when he returned a second time to change the locks he noticed the remaining items taken as well.  The complainant stated he did not want forensics.
    1400 block of East Bolton St, (Ben Van Clark), CRN 141115144,  the complainant reported he advised that he allowed a friend's son to stay with him for a while to help his friend out. The complainant advised that the son stayed with him for almost a month. The complainant then advised that the living arrangement did not work out so the son was put out of the home.  The complainant advised days later after the son departed he noticed that his red and white Nike (Jordan's $200) were missing. The complainant advised that he then started checking other things around his house and noticed that he had more items missing.
    He found out that he was missing a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone ($550) and a white gold diamond ring ($1800) was missing also. He also stated he does not know when the items where taken. The complainant explained that he lives alone and the only other person that had been in his home was his friend’s son.
    100 block of Fahm St, (Yamacraw), CRN 141115159, on 11-15-14 the complainant reported someone went in his room and stole $200 from his top dresser drawer. The complainant advised he finished eating his supper around 6:45pm, went to his room to get a cigarette, and then outside to smoke. He stated he went back to his room after smoking looked in his drawer and found his money was missing. The complainant then stated before he came down stairs to eat, about 6:30pm, his money was in the drawer. The complainant did not seem sure about the last time he observed his money in the dresser drawer. I then went to the complainant’s room to check for any signs of forced entry. The door had old scratch markings on it but no new signs of forced entry having occurred. The complainant’s room appeared unkempt, and all drawers on his dresser were closed. The complainant stated his door was unlocked when he returned to his room and he was sure he locked it earlier. The complainant stated his roommate would not steal from him. His roommate was not available for questioning at this time. Nearby residents, wishing to remain anonymous stated they did not hear nor see anyone other than the complainant and his roommate leave room #5. The complainant also advised he has explained to his landlord about how easy it is to enter the rooms even when locked.
    1200 block of E. Anderson St., (Ben Van Clark), CRN 141109100 between 6pm on 10-19-2014 and 3pm on 11-09-2014 the owner of the car had been out of town from 10-19-14 till 11-09-14. It was parked on the west side of his house. The front of the vehicle had the front window busted and the word "Lame Sucka" on the hood. The right side had dents on it and "Hoe" written on the right rear quarter panel. The rear had dents on it the left side had dents and "bitch" and G-Street written on it. The top of the car was shredded. The interior was damaged, especially around the radio. The speakers, L5's, were removed. Five dollars in quarters was removed. Forensics was notified.
    0 block of Resort Dr., (Hutchinson), CRN 141109102 between 12pm and 1:40pm on 11-06-2014 the complainant returned to his vehicle and discovered the rear driver's side window had been busted.  He noticed that his briefcase was missing.  He left the briefcase on the rear floorboard of the vehicle.
    1400 block of E. Bolton St., (Ben Van Clark), CRN 141112001 between 6:17am and 11:50pm on 11-11-14 the complainant advised that several suspects were dumping and searching a suitcase next to a vehicle in the parking lot at the intersection of E. Bolton St and Dieter St.
    800 block of E. Broad St., (East Side), CRN 141113167 between 6:30pm and 11:30pm on 11-13-2014 the complainant stated that her Dell laptop and a pink/black Puma gym bag were missing from her vehicle. The complainant indicated that she was in church at 800 block of E Broad Street at 4:30pm.  The complainant was advised by a parking lot attendant that the dome light in her vehicle was on. The complainant stated that she immediately went home after church. Shortly after she returned home from church, she went outside to her car and noticed the items missing from her vehicle. There was no sign of forced entry into the vehicle. The complainant was unable to provide the serial number for the missing laptop.
    800 block of Habersham St., (East Victorian District), CRN 141115087 @ 9:23am on 11-15-2014 the complainant stated they arrived at this location at approximately 9:20am to do work on the exterior of the building.  His vehicle was parked on the north side of the building, in the farthest east parking spot.  The complainant stated that they were working on the east side of the building where his vehicle was just out of his sight.  While working on the building, the complainant received an email on his phone stating that someone attempted to change the password on his I-pad.  The complainant had one of his workers go to his truck to retrieve his I-pad and discovered the I-pad was gone.  The complainant stated the I-pad was sitting in the center console of his vehicle.  He stated he left the doors unlocked. An employee at a nearby business had video footage of the incident.
    100 block of W. Broughton St., (Northwest Historic District), CRN 141110122 between 3:45pm and 4:30pm on 11-10-2014 the complainant stated the suspects came into the store. The male half tried to apply for a card. A female came in and took a lot of items to the counter. She told them that she forgot her card and left. The male half left the store a short time later. The security cameras showed that the male had white shorts inside the bag. Later on at 6:30pm, it was discovered that 5 pairs of t shirts and shorts (white in color) were missing.
    400 block of W. Broughton St., (Northwest Historic District), CRN 141112115 @ 2pm on 11-12-2014 the complainant stated a black female had just shoplifted from the business.  The complainant stated the female went into the dressing room with six items.  The female left without complainant seeing her leave.  When complainant went into the dressing room she only located two blouses that the female left behind.  The complainant stated two other unknown blouses were missing along with two leather jackets.  One jacket was a Chloe worth $385.00.  The other jacket was a BB Dakota worth $150.00.
    300 E. Gwinnett, (East Victorian District), CRN 141112111 @ 2:24pm on 11-11-2014 Kroger Loss Prevention Officer had one adult male in custody for shoplifting.
    400 block of East River St, (Northeast Historic District), CRN 141114173, the officer spotted two juveniles riding bicycles in City Market.  He turned to catch up with the juveniles and they attempted to ride away.  The officer followed them via Segway.  One of them dropped their bike in Columbia Square, at E.York Street.  The officer caught both youths at Oglethorpe Avenue and Habersham Street.  The boys admitted that they stole the bike from an apartment complex "behind the gas station".  One of the boys also admitted to stealing Twix bars from the FIVE & DIME store on River Street.  Both boys were released into the custody of their parents.  They were banned from the Five & Dime store.  The bikes were turned in to the SCMPD property room.
    200 block of E. Broad St., (Central Historic District), CRN 141109075 between 11:59pm on 11-08-2014 and 1:19pm on 11-09-2014 the complainant stated a 2 foot plant stand with a trellis and a polymer pumpkin with glass orbs was stolen.
    200 block of W. Bolton St., (West Victorian District), CRN 141110053 between 7pm on 11-09-2014 and 8:30am on 11-10-2014 the complainant stated she went outside at around 8:30am on this date to discover that some items had been stolen from her front porch.  The complainant said her ashtray had gotten full, and she was going to transfer the cigarette butts to a decorative cookie can that she keeps beside her couch for this reason.  She said she reached down to pick up the can, and found that it was missing.  She said she began looking around her porch to determine whether anything else had been taken.  She also found that her CD player was missing as well as some upholstery fabric that was still in the package.
    200 block of Gaston St., (Central Historic), CRN 141110113 at 5pm on 11-10-2014 the complainant discovered her front porch furniture missing.
    500 block of E. Broughton St., (Northeast Historic), CRN 141110139 @ 10:11am on 11-10-2014 the complainant stated her bike was taken from Norris Hall. The complainant stated she had her bike secured to a post and someone cut off her lock and took her bike.
    1300 block of Kenneth Dunham Dr., (Fellwood), CRN 141109096 @ 2:50pm on 11-09-2014 the complainant stated she gave her son an old phone so he could listen to music. The complainant stated her son then went to the Sustainable Fellwood Park to play, and listen to music. She then stated he came into the house crying because another unknown black male wearing a red shirt, and red jogging pants stole his phone. The witness stated the complainant’s son was outside when his friend walked up to him and asked him to let him see his phone. He then stated the complainant’s son allowed the suspect to see the phone, and suspect left with the phone.  The suspect lives in the 1200 block of Damon St.
    500 block of East Broughton St, (Northeast Historic District), CRN 141110139, the complainant advised that her bike was taken from Norris Hall (above address). The complainant explained that she had her bike secured to a post and someone cut off her lock and took her bike. SCAD security was advised of the incident.  The complainant advised that her bike was an orange Pure City bike with a brown seat and brown handle bars. She said that it also had a black basket on the front of the bike ($200 in value). The complainant advised that she did not register the bike and she did not have the serial number. There was a camera near the area of where the bike was taken from. The complainant was given a CRN card.
    400 block of E Hall St., (Southeast District), CRN 141111155 between 7pm and 10am on 11-11-14 the complainant stated his bicycle was stolen from the rear porch.
    400 block of W. Bay St., (West Victorian District), CRN 141112134 between 10:30am and 2:30pm on 11-12-2014 the complainant left their bags in the possession of a Valet Attendant.  The complainant advised that they could leave their luggage with the Valet Parking Attendant for safe keeping. The complainant stated it was not until they arrived home that they realized that their camera and equipment was missing from their luggage.
    100 block of W. Gwinnett St., (West Victorian District), CRN 141112083 between 11pm on 11-09-2014 and 2pm on 11-11-2014 the complainant came to police Headquarters to make a theft report of her bike. The complainant states that her bike was left in the "bike room" at her apartment and was not locked.
    600 block of W. Bay St., (Bay Viaduct), CRN 141114043 @ 8:45am on 11-13-2014 the complainant said one of his employees had stolen cash from the cash drawer.  The complainant showed the security footage that shows an employee taking cash out of the cash drawer.  The complainant said the employee who was working at the front desk notified him that her drawer was short when she began her shift.
    300 block of W. Bay St., (Northwest Historic), CRN 141115074 @ 12:18pm on 11-15-2014 the complainant stated he had a black Mont Blonc pen with platinum trimming with CJT engraving that was left out on the desk in his room. The complainant stated he left the room this morning at 8:30am and returned back at 11am.  The complainant stated his room was cleaned by housekeeping when he came back and he began to pack his belongings to check out when he noticed his pen was missing from the desk.
    300 block of West Boundary St, (Roundhouse) CRN 141110054, on 11-10-14 at 11:23am the complainant stated that she was standing at the bus stop on Turner St. between W. Boundary and Fahm St. at approximately 10:35am.  She stated that there was a large group of people trying to get on the bus when the bus pulled up.  She stated that her wallet containing all her items was clipped to her backpack on the outside.  The complainant got on the bus, attempted to retrieve her ID.  She noticed her wallet had been taken off of her backpack.  She was not allowed on the bus due to her not having her ID.  She contacted SCAD security to report her items gone, and SCAD security contacted PD.  The complainant called to cancel her credit card, and SCAD was going to change the lock to her room due to her room key being taken.
    1000 block of Love St., (West Savannah), CRN 141109041 between 7:30pm on 11-08-2014 and 7:30am on 11-09-2014 the complainant stated that she had the cover off of her vehicle that was stolen that night between the hours of 7:30pm and 7:30am on the Sunday.  The complainant stated that the possible suspect is one of her neighbors in the immediate area.

  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014 2:18 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)
    Short-Term Vacation Rentals
    Historic District Homes The zoning text amendment and regulatory ordinance were approved as presented during the Council meeting held on November 10.  Refer to agenda items #11 and #12 for the recommendation and accompanying documents which are in the back of the agenda packet.

    The City will be hosting a series of informational meetings during the month of December to ensure the public has an opportunity to learn about the new regulations which will come into effect on January 1, 2015.

    If you have any questions, please contact Bridget Lidy at 525-3097 or
  • Monday, November 10, 2014 3:25 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    Traffic will be redirected on numerous downtown streets Tuesday, November 11 for the 2014 Veterans Day Parade.

    Traffic will be halted on all streets from Park Avenue to Hall Street -- between Drayton and Habersham streets -- beginning at 6 a.m. Parking will be allowed on only one side of all side streets in that area.

    Parking will be prohibited beginning at 6 a.m. on the route itself: Abercorn Street from Park Avenue to Liberty Street; Liberty from Abercorn to Montgomery Street; Montgomery from Liberty to Broughton Street; and Broughton from Montgomery to East Broad Street.

    The parade route itself and side streets along it will be closed to traffic at 9:45 a.m. and the parade begins at 10 a.m.

    The parade is expected to disband on East Broad between Broughton and East Hull streets about 1 p.m. and traffic will be allowed as soon as possible after the last entry passes an intersection.

  • Friday, November 07, 2014 4:19 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    Your Ward Captain will be in touch to inform you of your Square's decorating plans. Your Ward Captain will pick up the materials from Carlstedt's the week of Thanksgiving.

    Please note the following important dates and information: 


    • Decorations should be completed on or by Saturday, December 6, 2014.
    • The City of Savannah has set decorating standards and provided DNA with a comprehensive guide. Click here to download. It's important that these standards are followed.


    • If you have extra materials, please contact Amy Brock ( in order to redistribute to other squares in need. Additionally, if you do not have enough, let Amy know and if excess is available from another Ward, we will make arrangements to get it to you. You may also call 912.236.8362 and leave a message.


    • Removal must be complete by Saturday, January 3, 2015.
    • When taking materials down, if preferred, please collect in lawn bags and place on north or south end of square for retrieval by City.

    Email the DNA Ward Captain Chair, Nick Henry with any questions.


  • Friday, October 31, 2014 8:24 AM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    According to Precinct Commander, Ben Herron, there has been a significant decrease in auto break-ins during the month of October. Herron says,  "It appears that our combined efforts are paying off!"

    Here's an analysis put together by Herron and his team:

    Download the PDF REPORT >> Historic District _ Entering Auto.pdf

    Thank you to our Public Safety Committee and volunteers for all of your hard work throughout Crime Prevention Month and our Lock It or Lose It initiative!

  • Thursday, October 16, 2014 4:14 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    Re:  Concours d’ Elegance/Savannah Speed Classic

    The annual Concours d’Elegance/Savannah Speed Classic will be held next weekend.  During the day on Thursday, October 23, race cars are test driving their vehicles.  They will then proceed to City Market at 5:45 p.m. and be departing for Hutchinson Island at 8:00 p.m.

    Starting on Friday, October 24, through Sunday, October 26, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., the event will be taking place on Hutchinson Island.

    Please note, you may experience noise from the engines during this time.  The City is being proactive in working with the event organizers to ensure that no engines start before 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Additionally, a quiet time has been established for Sunday, October 26, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    If you have any concerns, please contact event organizers at 843-785-7469 (ext. 1) or the City at 912-525-1500.

  • Friday, October 10, 2014 9:38 AM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)
    The Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CORE MPO), the transportation planning organization for the Savannah urbanized area, is requesting the public to review and provide comments on proposed amendments to the FY 2015 - 2018 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is the short-term programming document that lists transportation improvement projects to receive funding in the next four years. A report providing details of the proposed TIP amendments will be available for review by October 15 at the Chatham County public libraries and other public review agencies. The report is now available for review at the Chatham County-Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) office and on the MPC website at Any changes to the report will be posted on the website as well.

    Written comments on the proposed TIP amendments will be accepted until close of business on October 29, 2014.  Please send your comments to Wykoda Wang, Metropolitan Planning Commission, 110 E. State Street, Savannah, GA 31401, or via email at
    CORE MPO will host two public hearings for the proposed TIP amendments in October 2014 in conjunction with the CAC and CORE MPO Board meetings. Meeting times and locations are listed below:
    CORE MPO Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting
    October 16, 2014
    5:00 p.m.
    MPC Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room
    112 East State Street, Savannah, GA 31401
    CORE MPO Board Meeting
    October 29, 2014
    10:00 a.m.
    MPC Arthur A. Mendonsa Hearing Room
    112 East State Street, Savannah, GA 31401

    For a complete list of public review agencies or additional information regarding the proposed TIP amendments, please call (912) 651-1466.

  • Thursday, October 09, 2014 11:31 AM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    DNA President John Buckovich has stepped down as of Sept. 30, 2014 from his leadership role to concentrate on other efforts within our community. He remains a vital part of the Downtown Neighborhood Association and will be an advisor for the Public Safety Committee Chair and Committee as time permits.

    In compliance with DNA's bylaws, Vice President Melinda Allen is acting as Interim President as our Nominating Committee reviews candidate choices for appointment. Immediate Past President, Hank Reed is serving as DNA's Presidential Advisor during this transition.

    Email with any questions.

    View the latest DNA newsletter here.

  • Friday, October 03, 2014 4:47 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)
    The Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) launched it's "Lock It or Lose It" initiative. Lock It or Lose It is a public safety awareness campaign reminding residents and visitors to lock their vehicles and bicycles.

    Residents should start to see the awareness signs placed throughout the downtown neighborhood. DNA Volunteers are going to door-to-door delivering a Public Safety Update to each mail slot.

    Public Safety Update Flyers
    Public Safety Committee volunteers are going door to door to deliver Downtown Savannah Public Safety Update flyers to each mail slot/box. Most will be delivered on Tuesday, Oct. 7 and Wednesday, Oct. 8. SCMPD officers have offered to accompany our volunteers as they deliver the flyers to greet neighbors. Please say hello if you see these volunteers on the streets!

    Lock it or Lose it Signs
    You should have already started to see these signs around the downtown neighborhood. More will be placed in tree lawns and high traffic areas to remind neighbors and visitors to lock it up!

    If you notice a sign that has been damaged or needs some attention, email and a volunteer will come retrieve or replace the sign.
    DNA is pleased to partner with's online community where neighbors are currently sharing real-time crime and safety information. To connect, to our free, secure community, click here. Our community is known as "Savannah Historic District".

  • Friday, September 26, 2014 5:00 PM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

    Short-Term Residential Rental UPDATE:

    The Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), together with the Tourism Leadership Council (TLC) has continued to have our dialog to discuss the concerns of both organizations related to short-term residential rentals and the proposed ordinance.

    This letter shares our mutual declaration of support for the ordinance as written.

    For questions about this, contact DNA Vice President, Melinda Allen.

Office Voicemail: 912.236.8362

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